The age of heartless Humanity..

OOh Humanity, what has happened to us?

Two days ago i witnessed the most horrific accident i have ever seen in my life, resulting in the death of one innocent life.

Some guys were driving very fast in a residential area in Cyberjaya and hit a young girl head on just as she was crossing the road, this resulted in the girl’s brains being splatted all over the road as her head was split open by the accident. The car did not stop to check how she was, not even a screech, they did not hesitate what so ever for a milli second, they took a human life and just drove on with out a care in the world.
As if this is not bad enough, all the people around me who witnessed this terrible accident with me did not react in the tiniest bit, everyone just kept on walking around, even stopping to take photographs and did not call the police, or even help, they did not seem shocked at all at what had just occurred. I was so shocked by what i had just saw ( being it was the first time and hopefully the last that i had seen a person die in front of me), that i could not react for a few seconds, the moment my shocked state started wearing off, i called for help straight away. I was even more infuriated by the fact that no one cared at all to help the young lady out, every one continued with their life as if nothing bad had just happened, they just walked by, some even laughing at the copse laying in the middle of the road, they took photographs and even pressed her, i just did not understand how people can behave so inhumanely, so crudely and so rude.
This reminded me of the bad video of the small child in china who was run over by a car and no one bothered to help her. I have now seen that this is the way people behave in any part of the world.
Human have become worse than wild animals, we do not care anymore for strangers, we do not want to help anyone else but ourselves, we only think about ourselves, and this makes me so sad, to know what we are slowly becoming hurts my spirit. I once believed in people, i had hope for a better civilization, for humans who cared and helped one another with no expectations of something in return,the accident has erased all my hopes for a better humanity, i now do not believe that we can be better. I have seen with my own eyes that there is no better humanity.

Africa Is Not A Country…

Africa is not a country, it is a continent, just like Asia, Europe and The Americas. I am so tired of the ignorance and the stupidity of people who keep telling me :

” hey can you drive from South Africa to Nigeria with out needing a passport”?

I mean come on people, who does not know that these are two separate countries, in what part of the world can you just hop from one country to another with no passport and have it be just fine. Living among the people that i live with has been especially difficult as well as very frustrating for me. 90% of them think that Africa is one country, and that africans all know each other.

I can not believe how in this day and age grown people do not know the continents of the world, or how they can think that all Africans speak the same language, as if there is such a language called African, i mean is there a language called Asian? Does a person from China speak the same language as a person from India?
Not so long ago a woman asked me ” So do you hang out with Beyonce?” Because i’m African she automatically thought i know all black celebrities.. It appalls me every single day to be listening to dumb questions, ignorant comments.
In the world that we live in today, we should be educated enough to know that not all Africans / Europeans / Americans know each other, we should be smart enough to know what is the difference between a continent, a country and a city. Lets all work to put aside boorish uninformed ideas and try and learn more about certain things that we lack knowledge on, instead of making our own conclusions which end up being not only wrong, but terribly embarrassing.
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Why Are We Humans So Misguided?

I just read an article stating that ” Malaysian states moot laws against gay Muslims”.

Now personally i don’t really have much to say on the country making the law except that they can do as they please since it’s their country. Every country makes controversial laws all the time like when France decided to have a law banning the hijab, or when in the USA in some states they do not allow girls to enter school premises when wearing a hijab or even when the anti homosexuality law in Uganda which when someone is found guilty of hormosexuality they are either given the dearth penalty or life imprisonment, so like i already stated, each country is allowed to pass any kind of law they feel suitable.

What bothers me though about this article is the hypocrisy and ignorance of the people who commented on it and that is what i would like to address here today on this article, the way most people act like they are better than others because of the way they are( their sexual orientation). There are quiet a lot of comments which make me wanna scream in this article, but i will just address a few of them.

A gentleman called Tal Deen

Why so many American men or European men become homosexual or lesbian as compared to the countries in Asia. This is due to their country’s laws support their right to be what they like although its not healthy for community’s moral and religious harmony. They can actually avoid becoming gays but as the laws allow them, their number grows bigger and bigger.

It amuses me to see this comment because Asia has the  fastest growing rates of Homosexuals in the world. Look at Thailand for example, and with out going very far, right here in Malaysia the amount of gays is ridiculous. So him saying American and European men are becoming gay because the laws agree with it is nothing short of ludicrousness.. In fact, the countries where most people are turning gay as you say are countries with strict laws against any such behavior.

Another comment states

Not all gays due to genetic, some of homosexual being that way because they had tried once and found it is sexually better than playing with girl. Just like drug addiction, Once you tried once, you will be addicted for the rest of your life. Similarly, the girl like to be lesbian because some girls like soft erotic and soft sex play which cannot be achieved with boys. 

I definitely do not think there is a straight guy in the world thinking ” hhmm.. i wonder how it feels like to have sex with another dude”.. No sir, this is not the truth at all. So your idea that some people become gay because they have tried it and liked it better than ” playing with a girl” as you say is impossibly false. If he wants to try sleeping with a man, then that means he has some attraction to a man, and that means that he is either confused, gay or bisexual. WIth girls it’s a completely different issue, i think you will find that like 70 % of women want to try kissing a girl at least once in their lifetime, it has nothing to do with being a lesbian, it’s just an experience, and girls become lesbians because they are attracted to the female form, not the male form, and they don’t become lesbians because they want “soft erotic and soft sex” ( because sometimes they also want it rough from their girlfriends) and again, men can give them the soft sex if they want to.

Anyway, i don’t want to ramble, this article added on to my view of the world as it is now, people are narrow minded, ignorant and huge hypocrites when it comes to issues which should be handled with care and which should be looked at objectively with out mixing in our personal and wrong opinions.

If you want to check out the article, the link is below