The age of heartless Humanity..

OOh Humanity, what has happened to us?

Two days ago i witnessed the most horrific accident i have ever seen in my life, resulting in the death of one innocent life.

Some guys were driving very fast in a residential area in Cyberjaya and hit a young girl head on just as she was crossing the road, this resulted in the girl’s brains being splatted all over the road as her head was split open by the accident. The car did not stop to check how she was, not even a screech, they did not hesitate what so ever for a milli second, they took a human life and just drove on with out a care in the world.
As if this is not bad enough, all the people around me who witnessed this terrible accident with me did not react in the tiniest bit, everyone just kept on walking around, even stopping to take photographs and did not call the police, or even help, they did not seem shocked at all at what had just occurred. I was so shocked by what i had just saw ( being it was the first time and hopefully the last that i had seen a person die in front of me), that i could not react for a few seconds, the moment my shocked state started wearing off, i called for help straight away. I was even more infuriated by the fact that no one cared at all to help the young lady out, every one continued with their life as if nothing bad had just happened, they just walked by, some even laughing at the copse laying in the middle of the road, they took photographs and even pressed her, i just did not understand how people can behave so inhumanely, so crudely and so rude.
This reminded me of the bad video of the small child in china who was run over by a car and no one bothered to help her. I have now seen that this is the way people behave in any part of the world.
Human have become worse than wild animals, we do not care anymore for strangers, we do not want to help anyone else but ourselves, we only think about ourselves, and this makes me so sad, to know what we are slowly becoming hurts my spirit. I once believed in people, i had hope for a better civilization, for humans who cared and helped one another with no expectations of something in return,the accident has erased all my hopes for a better humanity, i now do not believe that we can be better. I have seen with my own eyes that there is no better humanity.

6 thoughts on “The age of heartless Humanity..”

  1. I’m sorry that you had to witness that. I Personally have never witnessed anything that horrible.

    I believe that your description of human beings, although very pessimistic is true: “Human have become worse than wild animals, we do not care anymore for strangers, we do not want to help anyone else but ourselves.”

    But I also believe that humans have a lot of potential, and even though we are selfish, God is able and willing to give us the power to change. Call me delusional, but I believe that when a person truly repents of their sins and believes in the sacrifice of Jesus to save them, they become a new person. The Bible says: “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” (II Corinthians 5:17).

    1. i know what you mean, and i used to think like you do until i saw that horrific accident, now i have just lost hope in the potential that humans have. thanks for coming by and leaving a comment.. 🙂

  2. Wow, that’s infuriating that people can be so heartless. I cannot believe that people could be so careless with human life. There is such a lack of responsibility present in western culture. So many people expect someone else to take care of them, or in this case act for them, that no one ends up doing anything. And this certainly is disheartening. People need to start thinking for themselves instead of waiting for someone to tell them what to do. I will pray for that little girls family and also hope that my generation will be the one that leads people back to compassion.

    1. I completely agree with you, we are so busy hoping that someone else will take action that everyone ends up not doing a thing. I also hope that our generation will be the one to break the cycle..Thank you for coming by Kendall.. 🙂

  3. With no apologies to religious nutcases the answer doesn’t lie in any religion. If it did we’d have a recognition of our common humanity rather than Christians bombing sleeping Muslim kids, or Muslims stoning women to death for acts of love, or Jews raining blazing phosphorous down on universities.

    Whatever compassion is, you seem to have it — a rare treasure. If you can answer “Why do you have it, and not them?” you are well on the way to creating overdue changes. Good luck …

    1. That’s a question i always ask myself, then i come to the conclusion that if i have it then many other people must have it as well, Thanks for the well wishes.. 🙂

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