Obedient Wives Club….

I’m pretty sure we have all been hearing about the very controversial Malaysian group “Obedient wives club”. If you haven’t then I will try to briefly explain what it is, The Obedient Wives Club is an international Islamic organisation dedicated to teaching wives to be submissive to their husbands. It was formed in 2011, establishing branches in MalaysiaSingaporeIndonesia and Jordan It was founded by Global Ikhwan, a business conglomerate associated with the banned Malaysian sect al-Arqam. As of October 2011, the club had an estimated 800 members in Malaysia

The club promotes polygamy. It has published an explicit 115-page sex manual, titled Islamic Sex, Fighting Against Jews To Return Islamic Sex To The World, which encourages group sex between a man and his multiple wives. The club argues that the sexual submission of a wife to her husband will reduce the likelihood of the husband engaging in adultery; one of the group’s leaders publicly suggested that it is a wife’s responsibility to perform sex like a “first-class whore”

Basically what these women are saying is that women should be their husbands’ slaves, they say that what ever mistake a man does, it is because his woman is not satisfying him in bed or he is not getting the attention he deserves from her.. these are some of the things they claim :

-if a man beats his wives it’s her fault

-if he cheats, it’s her fault

-If he yells at her, it’s because she made a mistake

These are all symptoms of battered person’s syndrome, they feel responsible and helpless over the abuse they are getting and try to pretend to have some sort of control over their lives and their marriage by saying all these unexplainable statements. I mean one would think that because the members of the group are very educated established women like doctors, engineers, dentists even psychologists, they would have the brains to know that what they are saying and what they are doing is hurting the development of women and also the idea of marriage and religion.

They continually state that women should be “obedient to her husband”. She should not question him and she should always be ready for sex and pleasuring him whenever he walks in the door from work. They also very lewdly talk about how the women should be like a “first class whore” when it comes to sex with her husband, they encourage husbands to have group sex with their wives and they also encourage their husbands to live in one big house with all their wives.

What i do not like about these women is that they are being spoon fed information and then they subsequently feed wrong details to other uninformed women, they are downgrading women and pushing them back 100 years back and making it harder for other women who are also married. And they do all this using the excuse of religion while in fact they are just trying to push their own crazy agenda.

If you want to learn a little bit more about these women check out this video


Please do share with me your views on these women..

17 thoughts on “Obedient Wives Club….”

  1. Love the new page!! Totally disgusting is all I can say about these women of Islam – the world better watch out because these fanatics are trying to take over the world and doing a good job at it so far because people don’t want to be “polically incorrect” or “intolerant” or “prejudice” but, come on people, get some guts!! Mark said that he would hate to be the one who comes across me and tries to make me renounce my faith in God and Jesus, lol! I said they’ll have to chop off my head first and my dying last breath with be “Praise God Almighty, free at last!” And that’s the truth. Love you XOXO

    1. yeah, i know, i hate the fact that they are being spoon fed information by an outside or silent partner, the males who fund their club make sure they say what they want them to say, and then they confuse women and convince them to stay in abusive relationships.. and then they claim it’s for religion.. it really makes me so angry..Thanks for coming by Terri.. 😀

      1. Well, darlin’, they have to keep the women subjegated to control them and the countries for the women outnumber the men and it they were empowered to fight back, rising up against them, then their whole plan of world domination would be sunk! XO

  2. Very true Terrie, it just tears my heart open to see what these women have to put through, especially by other women, we are supposed to stand strong together and be there for each other, not tell each other that it is our own fault that the men in our lives are abusive..

  3. Unfortunately, I know some beautiful and kind Arabic women who have left their homes and families, married a man who was “picked” for them and now reside in that man’s household home. These women live with their husband, mother in law and sisters in law and they have to be completely submissive. We’re talking beatings from the husband and mother in law if things aren’t done properly. Many Arab women aren’t even allowed to discipline their own sons but it’s normal for them because they are coming from a culture where the husband can kill his wife if she disgraces him in any way. This is a poor example of what it means to be submissive to your husbands. God designed marriage to meet the needs of BOTH parties involved.
    Great Post!

    1. Thank you Blu, and i do feel that you are right, marriage should assess the needs of both parties, thats why this club infuriates me so much, because they are telling women to only cater to the needs of men alone.. Thank you for coming by.. 🙂

  4. Wow. That is so different from the situation I find myself and my friends in, in Vienna. In fact, I think the men who live in my apartment building could write a book entitled “The Obedient Husbands’ Club.”

    How different societies are in different parts of the world…

  5. This is just sad ignorance perpetrated by misguided religious belief.

    You mention the women as “educated” but I think they are miseducated idiots! Sometimes education only isn’t enough. There is something called wisdom that helps you see the world in perspective. Intelligence cannot be a measure of character. Sometimes the most intelligent people are the most ignorant and the most dangerous because they can use their education to advance their wrong ideas on poor traditionally uneducated people, and even influence those that are educated. Remember the disgraced Cain who was recently running for GOP nomination? He’s educated as hell, but read his social policies that he said he would put into laws if he were elected, then you say to yourself God this guy is an idiot (for that matter add Sarah Palin to the list)!! These people think being extreme conservative is the way to heaven and the way to White House, yet they are only using that to achieve their political goals, like the men behind these misguided women that promote the slavery of women in the name of religion!

    If there are real dangerous people in the world, it should be extreme conservatives and extreme radicals with money and power because they will do anything to force their agendas down our throats!

    These women have to be challenged, and their club banned just like the sect itself where they got their inspiration from!

    Money is evil.

    Thank you for this great article. Am glad to have discovered it today. 🙂

    1. You are right, money is evil and people do use their knowledge to influence others who are not so educated with their wrong ideas..This club should be banned, it just makes me so angry to see that.

  6. The soul is like a vessel that receives the Light of the Creator. This is why the soul is percieved as female and the Light of the Creator that is destined to enter the soul is called Male in this relationship. We are not dealing with coporeal bodies but spiritual bodies which are a specific desire and intention for adhesion with the Creator. The Husband is the Will to bestow (Light) that enters the will to receive (vessel) like the physical sexual act of the semen entering the womb.

    Therefore when we talk about husband it is in reference to the Creator, and the women is in reference to the soul. Hence the talk about bride and bridegroom and marriage. It is saying that we as (souls/vessels = females) should marry the (husband = Adhesion with the Creator) and obey HIM( Creator). Meaning we as souls should achieve correction by yearning and desire our beloved Creator and Obey only the husband (Creator). We should yearn and desire for the revelation of the Creator like we are brides awaiting our beloved Bridiesgroom..

    Sorry gentlemen but in the spiritual reality we are all female vessels that receive from the male ( Creator) hence man and women on earth are all equal before the Creator.

    In this world both men and women have a soul which is a vessel or temple or house or womb for the Creator. We are His dwelling place and he desires to form a union with our soul and give us His seed/semen which is His Light.
    This is why it is written that it is a sin to divorce, it is not about the earthly relationship. It is a sin to divorce your soul from the Creator and fornicate with selfish egoic pleasures and desires.

  7. Even as a Muslim i do not agree with this because in the Uk here there are Muslims but our view is that both people should take responsibility for earning and anything personal. These women are not saying it for the majority in this World because even women in Pakistan have stood up for themselves now and trying to fight for their rights. Women are not slaves and they are not some sex machine that you use when you return home. I was told to respect women, care for them and treat them like you would want your sister or female relatives to be treated. It does not harm a muslim man or cause him to sin if he takes his wife for dinner and does romantic things instead of wanting his wife to submit to whatever he says and wants moreover blaming a women for not pleasing him enough if he cheats on her. Sorry but this is not what the islam says and its just what a group of muslims doing in todays world. As a muslim I have educated myself with my religion and muslims today are using Islam and some of the passages given to guide us as weapons which suit them when they need them. If they bother to understand it they would find out that our religion is about Love & Peace.

    1. I know that this is not what Ilam is Naza, and it angers me because the sad fact is when people whi aren’t Muslims here this, they will think that this is how all Muslims are. They are ruining the work that women have done for decades trying to fight for their rights and to be taken seriously as humans, not just as housewive sex machines.. Thank you for coming by.. 🙂

  8. Exactly! This is the work of the many Prophets who sacrificed their lives for the future of Islam and many are turning it into a joke. People who read these stories especially in the UK believe what the media says and perceive us as what a minority of people are doing. This is not a good image. You welcome, enjoy your posts. 🙂

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