Racism At An All Time High In Malaysia…

Normally i don’t really like to talk about racism because it exist in every single country, in every single second, i can take the constant stare and wonderment, the believe that i have a pet lion ( lol, yes that is really what they think ) or the insufferable way they believe it is ok to call you the N word as a joke, but i just had to say something about this. For the past 3 weeks it has been pretty hard for any black person to walk freely in the streets of Malaysia because for some reason the immigration department in Kuala Lumpor ( the capital city) are conducting raids and the people they are targeting are black people. Of course they cover it up by saying they are conducting raids on all foreigners, but the fact of the matter is they only arrest black people. They are not giving reason as to why, but they have started arresting even students and random other people just walking the streets. To be safe now all Africans have to always have their passports on them at all times when they are not in their work places, Universities or their homes. This in turn makes it very dangerous because at any point the passports could be lost, or even stolen, if by some chance you are caught and you have no passport on your person, you are taken to jail until official documentation can be shown to prove that you are in the country legally.

I mean if you are going to monitor every black person in your country, then have the nuts to just state that, do not hide behind the lie that you are monitoring all foreigners. I believe that as we get into a new era, racism is becoming stronger and now people feel it is fine to act like this because they hide behind fancy laws.

As a black person living in Malaysia as a student i am affected by this, but thank fully i have not had to experience the detention or the questioning, i still always hope and believe that a time shall come that we will all live happily together regardless of our nationality, skin color, religion and any other obstacles that make us hate one another. Most call it naivety, and maybe it is, but if i didnt believe that things will get better, or that humans will become more accepting and love one another, then i would not be able to survive in this world.

Of course i believe if some one has done something wrong( broke the law of the country) then they fully deserve to be punished for their crimes, but if its just an innocent student, or law abiding citizen, i do not see the point for these racist acts by the immigration department and the police.

If you want to see more of what is happening here please do click on this link


Please do share your thoughts with me on this issue.

23 thoughts on “Racism At An All Time High In Malaysia…”

  1. Racism still exists everywhere and some nations, groups or people just pretend and hide the fact they are racist but they have the hatred inside them at all times. I live in the UK and as a Muslim I have experienced racism several times throughout my life. For instance at primary school, high school, college and university. Children who are racist usually have racist parents and it important for people to live around other cultures, religions and ethnic groups but it is even more important for them to be educated about it. People without education are usually racist because of their own failures in this world. Educated people who study and get through any challenges in life do not be racist because they know any other minority in their nation is not the cause of any challenges they may face in life.

    1. Very true, and the majority of people here are very much uneducated as well as very closed minded about other cultures, religions and traditions. What they do not understand they just hate.

  2. This is so terrible. Coming from an American, I see racism everyday, and although my goverment can never do anything like this, our freedoms allow us to be as racist as we want and the government can’t say otherwise. I’m sorry that you are experiencing this and I hope that you are ok and I will pray for your safety.

      1. I am a white woman living in Malaysia and I feel really awful about the racism that black people suffer in Malaysia. Many white people live in Malaysia and are welcome. Why? Because of the colour of our skin. Everybody should be made welcome.

      2. Unfortunately that is the one reason white people are wholeheartedly welcome in Malaysia, that and the power of one’s passport. Being white in Malaysia is like being a god, they will worship your feet and wish to befriend you and do whatever it takes to make you happy. While being black or arab is like being the devil himself. These people are terrible.

      3. I wonder if I should offended by the statement… But no offend to you too…
        but considering the statistic of crime that done by ‘Black’ is quite high compared to other race (not include us the majority as it like compared dirt in mud) and so we tend to be vary.
        So call it racism (it’s more to prejudice) but we have our own reason n Abichica the reason ‘White’ is being treated like ‘god’ as you say is because we see you as (not to offend) ‘Money Bag’. Treat you better earn better, beside we love to dunno suck you up!.

  3. the malaysians are just as dark as the africans with their short round stub noses. we are all one race as humans… i am so sick of this stupid racism. would not ever want to visit that country. i like it much better here in Japan.

    1. Yes i have heard that Japan is much better when it comes to racism.. and i really do hate this country as well.. You are right that we are all one race, but it seems more and more people are trying their very best to divide us…thank you for coming by.. 🙂

  4. Alright first, I despise racism and have been a victim to it myself quite a number of times. But a major part of the reason the police have been cracking down on blacks in Malaysia is because of the drug trade. Many blacks unfortunately are smuggling drugs from African countries into Malaysia and from Malaysia into other countries. It is a huge part of the reason for the crackdown on the black community. I know this for a fact because I have a close friend who used to be a major drug dealer who is now in jail. Got some info from him on the drug trade by the blacks. Sadly many black people have set up drug networks in Malaysia, not only that but they have also been involved in many scams. This is the reason for the majority of arrests on the black community. I of course firmly belief that any race can engage in criminal acts but in Malaysia the blacks have ruined the name for their race since a major number of them are involved in the drug trade. The result is good black people are also viewed upon with discrimination


    Monday, December 28, 2009
    Malay Girls = Cheap, Easy Sex??

    Have you ever Google-imaged ‘Malay girls + tudung’ before? I did. All because I wanted a picture of a Malay girl wearing horrible looking tudung. Reasons for that shall be disclosed later. But other than the one that I needed, guess what pictures showed up instead?

    Malay girls, wearing tudung and/or in baju kurung, snogging boys, giving BJ, flashing boobs/ panties / whatever “goods” they may have.

    Yikes! (o_O)

    And these, my friends, are found with the SafeSearch Mode ON. So for the heck of it I decided to turn the SafeSearch Mode OFF and aiyaiyaiyaiyai… *jaw drops open* . Pictures like these *points up* are nothing compared to those.

    So is that how Malay girls are seen nowdays? Are Malay girls nothing more than a cheap **** willing to do it with any guys anywhere? Based on the pictures it seems like it. And in the 21st century, sex-obsessed society, these pictures are God-send. They’re proof that Malay girls are really that desperate. And that “easy”.

    In the lift ???

    After discussing it with guy friends of various nationalities, it seems like most of them look at Malay girls as “easy” girls who’d do anything to be seen with a good looking guy especially if that guy is an International. Nationality of choice: Any country that produces Caucasian males. No Caucasians to be found? No problem, look for Arabs. Malay guys would be at the bottom of the list. I didn’t say this, people. They did.

    I have a European friend who dates solely Malay girls because of this. He gets them to do pretty much anything he wants. Money, transportation, entertainment etc. All are taken care off by these “girlfriends” of his. I’m sure that if he did take that step and ask those girls he dated to sleep with him, they won’t refuse. It’s a sad fact but then it is what it is. A fact.
    So what do we do? What action should we take?

    Seriously, I don’t even know myself. Preaching is no use. People have been doing it for years and things still went from bad to worse. Plus, preaching is so 1989. It doesn’t work anymore in this day and age. But one step that I think could actually help is to QUIT TAKING PORNO PICS OF YOURSELVES!

    It’s your choice whether you plan on being the “easy” girl but if you plan on being a cheap lay then at least be a smart, cheap lay. Avoid anything that can be uploaded, downloaded or distributed. Spare us the gritty details of your hobbies. Avoid anything that can be used as hard-proof against you.

    And please, please, for all that is good and pure, please don’t wear the tudung if you’re not ready. Nobody should force you. Do it only when you’re absolutely ready and when you’re certain that you’ll respect all that the tudung represents. This is actually the main element that’ll decide if you turn out like this:

    This girl is confused in a thousand different ways.

    imaginatively concocted by Liana Aziz at 12:00 AM
    tags: malays, Malaysians, stupid mentality

  6. It’s a simple matter. If you feel harrassed or unwelcome in the Malasia, simply get out of the country as soon as you can. Don’t let anyone insult your dignity. Period.

      1. I’m happy for you. I had a somewhat similar experience (though to a much lesser extent than you described for Malaysia) when I lived in Lesotho in the Southern part of Africa even though I am an African myself. In fairness to the government and police of Lesotho, there was no deliberate or systematic policy of descrimination against foreigners. However, some of the local people manifested discriminatory and hostile tendencies even though they were as black as I was. Even though we were all black, it was very easy for them to spot those who were foreigners among them and who didn’t speak the local language. Throughout my nearly five-year stay in that country, there was no day I didn’t remember the fact that I was a foreigner in that country. Each day, someone (either at the grocery store, bank, at work or in the taxi) would treat me in a way that reminded me of the fact that I was a foreigner. Although I met some really nice people in Lesotho, I never seemed to stop coming across those whose who behaved in a manner that was intended to remind me that I was a foreigner. The majority of those who are very nice were people who themselves had previously lived in a foreign country.

        Well, I took it as a challenge and a motivation to want to leave that country. I was determined to leave. I no longer saw a future for myself in that country. I became very serious about applying to emigrate from that country to a different country. Then I heard about Canada immigration programme. I decided to give it a try. I applied as an economic migrant to Canada. About 12 months after I applied, my application was approved by the Canadian goverment, and I received my permanent resident permit. Since I relocated to Canada, I have not felt discriminated against in any way. I feel so much at home here. It’s as if I am in my home country here. In a sense, Canada is “No man’s land.”. For example, in the city in which I live here in Canada, almost everybody is an immigrant. Everyone feels at home. Everyone’s dignity is highly valued and respected here. Since I got here, I have been treated with respect and admiration.

      2. That is so awesome for you. I am happy you have found a place that feels like home for you. Canada sounds like a great country. If you dont mind, may I know where you come from?

  7. It’s a simple matter. If you feel harrassed or unwelcome in Malasia, simply get out of the country as soon as you can. Don’t let anyone insult your dignity. Period.

  8. Hey there!
    So sorry to hear about your horrible experience in Malaysia during your stay. As a Malaysian, I would like to apologise about how ignorant our society is towards blacks here.
    Having live in the UK for the past 10years I have learn the meaning of respect, tolerance and equality towards everyone regardless of their religion, culture and most importantly the colour of your skin. At least that’s how i felt throughout my stay there.
    My bf is black and I’m a Malaysian chinese. I’ve always wondered how it would be like if he were to come to Malaysia for a holiday. I’ve warned him time and time again that he may face a tough time with Malaysians (even with my relatives) and people here can be so racist towards blacks (can’t understand the reason why) that he can’t expect to be treated the same as if he was in London.
    Well, it will be a challenge and I’d just advice him to stay cool and have a thicker skin and try to ignore if he does come across some dumb people. Hopefully I’ll be proven wrong when he does come here one day.
    Lastly just to let you know that not all Malaysians are ignorant and I hope you did come across some nice people and had some wonderful memories when you were in the country.
    Hope you are happy where you are now.
    Btw which country are you from?
    Stay cool and much love,
    x Kay x

    1. Thank you for coming by. I hope that when your boyfriend visits Malaysia he will not receive the same type of strong racism that I went through. And I wish you guys all the best. I am from Botswana and I currently live in China and I have to say the reception here is so much better than in Malaysia..

  9. I would like to say that I am a white, American woman living in Malaysia. I have been treated with love and kindness by some and shown great hatred by many others here. I have been charged double what my Malaysian friends were charged and I have had locals refuse to serve me. My daughter is 6 and has beautiful blonde hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. Everyone has to touch her and give her things and then they look at me with such hate. If it weren’t for the fact that we came here to work, I would have already been gone! I would much rather be home. To the author, I can honestly say that I know how you feel and I am so sorry you are going through this. I know its hard. Keep your head up and I will keep you in my prayers.

    1. Thank you so much. I am sorry you have to go through that as well.. It is not a good feeling at all. Thankfully I left after I got my degree and now I live in China and the reception here is so much more positive. I love it here..I appreciate your prayers and extend the same to you also..

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