It’s Getting Harder To Live In This World

I just completely can not bare to live in a world like this, my last post was about the 27 year old man who married the 8 year old girl in Saudi Arabia. And today i see another equally disturbing story about a 15 year old girl in Afghanistan who was tortured by her in laws ( yes, she is only 15 and is like the one before, married to a  30 year old man) because she refused to be pushed into prostitution.. There is not much that i can say about this because it just makes me sick. The girl has since been rescued by the Afghan Women’s Network, it makes me a little bit happy to know that at least this girl, unlike the many others in the world who are forced into marriage and prostitution and the in laws were arrested as well, but the husband wasn’t. If we all saved one girl who goes through such horror ( this girl was locked in her in laws’ basement, starved and had her nails pulled out) then it will do some change in the world. 

If you want to read more about this go to this link






2 thoughts on “It’s Getting Harder To Live In This World”

  1. Being stalked is not kind of flattering. Women are murdered abused and raped by stalkers every day .
    They lose jobs, are afraid to leave their homes and have their lives controlled by these stalkers.
    Saying that being stalked was flattering is like saying that rape is sexually arousing.
    You need to give your head a shake. What kind of message are you sending out.

    1. Im sorry, i dont know where in the article i said being stalked was good.. :-/ I am more than a little confused, the tittle of the article clearly says “It’s getting harder to live in this world”.. which means i am by no means condemning what is on this article is good.

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