Banished Because Of Religion

I felt the need to write this article because a close friend of mine decided to convert from Christianity to Islam. Now personally i dont see any problem with this, i mean seeing that it is her life, her faith it should be her decision to choose what religion she feels closest to god in. But of course many people ( mostly her family do not feel the same way, they hate her and say that she is going to hell for this and have all but turned their backs on her and banished her from their lives).

Most people know that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all descended from Abraham, the Patriarch of the three Semitic faiths. If these three religious “children” all came from the same “Father” so to speak, why can’t they all just get along?

First of all I would like to tell everyone hat I was born into a Christian family and went to church every single Sunday as well as had the bible extensively drilled into my head until I was about 18 and left home to go to university in a different continent( thousands of miles away from my all abiding Christian famiy). The issue of converting was never a factor in my life, since ( even though I don’t wanna say his) I was kind of ignorant about the other religions worshipped by other people. So as I started university and began to live in a different society and enviroment, I started to be curious about other religions, namely Islam and judism. And the more I learnt the more I realized how connected they all are, from judism to christianity to Islam. Needless to say that this curiousity made my mother feel that maybe I am thinking about converting to a different religion, and his frightens her out of her mind, the idea of a child changing from a religion that his or her family has to a different one that hey might feel it’s not a good religion is one that rips families apart. I do not really understand why it is a big deal for families when their child chooses to worship a different religion as I feel it is their choice. Everyone has a right to choose what religion hey feel works best for them. What religion they feel makes them feel closest to god.

Would it bother you if your child, mother, sister, brother, husband, wife or even your closest friend chose to convert to a different religion that you might not necessarily understand or even tolerate?

P.s this is not me saying that I’m ready to convert. 🙂 it’s just my thoughts on the issue

Prophets In The 21st Century?? Yay Or Nay??

I have been seeing a lot of stories on the news and generally around places I live in, of men claiming to be prophets and saying that they have been sent by god to lead humans and to show people the correct way of worshiping. And these stories always end up the same, the men are always con men, perverts, rapists,child molesters or just your typical egomaniac wanting some attention. They tell people that god wants them to sleep with small kids, marry 20 or so women and children, they say god wants people to give them tons of money or some other crap like that.
I truly do not understand how people( and it is usually well educated, middle to high class people) can fall for these fools. How can you possibly believe that a random person like you, who is clearly conning you, is sent by god as a prophet?!

Are we so desperate to find god or to want to believe so much so that we let these people fool us? Do we really need that much proof for us to have some faith??