Notice: this might be offensive to some people, but if you know you are not like this then please know it does not have anything to do with you..( and im not saying all Malaysians are like this, im just stating my own experiences here and the forum says it all!!!! the proof is in the forum!!)

For shame Malaysians, for shame, how dare you open a thread on a forum just so that you can bitch and moan about foreign students!!! wooww!!! To say you guys are racist, annoying, uninformed, dumb is an understatement.
I found a forum where Malaysians go to complain about international students ruining their country.. The link is below
So its a pretty long list of dumb comments on this, so i will summarize the worst of all.. This is what started the whole debate..
Dear all,
I wish to alert all potential investor/buyer to avoid below condos/apartments which are flooded by tons of foreign students (especially African). These are only I know but I believe there are many more….please share your knowledge as well.
Cyberjaya – Cyberia townhouse and Crescent, Cyber Heights Villa, Domain
Puchong – Desa Millennia, Desa Idaman, Desa Impiana, Koi Tropika, Some apartments in Bandar Puteri, Koi Kinrara, Koi Legion, Heron Residency
Subang – USJ One Avenue, Casa Subang, Impian Meridian, Suriamas, Ridzuan, Subang Avenue, Casa Tiara, E-Tiara, Lagoon Perdana, Springvilla condominium, Summervilla, Boulevard, Rhythm Avenue
PJ – Casa Tropicana Condo, Metropolitan Square Condo, COVA SUITE, Riana Green, Flora Damansara
Cheras – Condo Angkasa, Seri Cendekia Condo, Venice Hill 
Bukit Jalil – Vista commonwealth, Arena Green 
Others – Taman Melati – Platinum Hill projects (filled with them), Setiawangsa – Seri Maya (overflowing), Sri Rampai – Desa Putra Condos (signs are beginning), Titiwangsa Sentral, Kepong Metro Prima, Tmn Tun – Desa Kiara Condo, Seri Kembangan Juta Mine condo
 So basically apparently when it comes to real estate and development in Malaysia if a foreigner, especially African or middle easten stays in an apartment, it depreciates!! Dumb ignorant people!!!
Below are some of the comments which really pissed me off
1. because their country is rich with diamond, gold and oil, Malaysia government is envy their arrival here for education to boost the dollar income. If you want to stop this flooding once and for all, make sure you know who to vote for in next GE. Bijan is just another stupid space goat for BN.
Listen your government is doing all Malaysians a favor by bringing students here to study because it boosts your economy, frankly without Foreigners Malaysia would be nothing because you are a lazy and selfish people who do not wish to work hard, or even to think of ways to improve your country!!
2.Tht’s the problem with Condominium. And they seems conquer all the condominium/Apartment/Flat..
Believe me when i tell you, no international student wants to stay and work in this country when we finish with our studies.. We want to be out of here the day we are done!!
3.spoke to a lecturer from MMU.. man.. not only curly hair, those from ME also cant study well here and brought down the standard of the uni.. more than half of the class fail.. and the are the majority in IT classes.
Which ever lecture you talked to must be as uneducated and as racist as you because Malays are the one who stay in MMU for long periods of time without finishing, and the university standard does not have anything to do with international students.
4. If like that everywhere oso hv to avoid lor except the high end condos like klcc, mk and dpc. Else, the negros and MEs are everywhere.
This is just plain racism in its very severety!! How would you guys feel if someone called you banana, or bug eater or budhahead or dog-muncher or anyone of these bad racial slurs!!!
It is never OK to call someone by a degrading name, regardless of what you think of them. We are all people, we are all human, and the fact is foreigners make Malaysia better, without foreigners here the real estate market would plummet because there would be no students to rent the houses owned by the Malays and they would make loses. Without students here there would be no new apartment structures being built and developing the country!! And if you do not want to live near foreigners anyway then why come to a city ( Cyberjaya) which was built specifically for students??
In all of my life i have never been around people who are so ignorant, close minded, infuriatingly racist towards all other nations, lazy and freakeshly dumb and uneducated about other cultures !!!!
But then again we can not change or improve you people, i mean what do you expect from a Nation which can not even come together and keep racism alive between them. All you Malaysians(Malays, Chinese and Indians ) hate each other because of your race, skin color or even religion, you are a lost cause and there is no hope for you in the future to be an open minded, non prejudiced, educated and loving nation!!!

103 thoughts on “FOR SHAME MALAYSIANS, FOR SHAME!!!!”

  1. Hello, can you blame us? We shouldn’t sweep all Africans with the same brush but we can’t tell the good from the bad outwardly. Haven’t you heard of countless cases of fraud, thefts, robberies and other crimes committed by Africans in Malaysia? We’ve been scared out of our lives, especially we females. Prevention is better than cure.
    We’d be deeply touched and grateful if you could kindly give your fellow countrymen a piece of sound advice. How you pose yourselves determines how we perceive you. Sorry but we are too scared!

    1. Its as if you are putting even more emphasis to how very discriminatory and racist you guys are! You say “coutrymen” when i very much clearly explained to you that Africa isnt a country.. You say you are scared, but still you “scared females” still very much date the Nigerian men for all their money, you say you want them out of your country, yet your government is doing all it can to attract them. i think you Malaysians need to learn to be hard working, non-racist, open minded and educate yourself more on general knowledge like the difference between a country and a continent!

    2. I’m a Malaysian male of South Asian descent and I am ashamed of the many things wrong with this country, especially the fact that so many Malaysians are despicably prejudiced against non-Malaysian residents. There is NO hope for an educated or considerate Malaysia. Ignore Tee Ann’s comments, she’s typical scum; as the majority of Malaysians are. Foreign students depreciate property price??! You don’t know how angry that comment made me feel. I was a foreign student once, and I certainly did not cause a property price collapse. Malaysian females are scared out of their lives at the sight of a Black person?? You and such females ought to be lynched.

      Parents from an early age indoctrinate their children to trust no one outside of their race/religion in much of Asia. How much more backwards can you get? If I could incite one thing: It would be a foreign student rebellion in Malaysia in much the same way as what Indian students did in Australia. But then again, why do you international students come to Malaysia, you morons should have researched the fact that this is a horrible country that offers very poor value education.

      Oh well, you’re here anyway. Make the most of it and don’t let arrogant Malaysians get on your nerves. When you’re done with your education, head off to somewhere outside Asia to start your own success story. And when you’re successful, think of the scummy drain rats that you’ve left behind in this sh*itehole country. Truly Asia indeed. Truly Racist. Its sad to see how most Asians view racism as a humorous thing, myself included from time-to-time.

      I’m counting the days before I can emigrate out of this nightmarish country, and leave the scavenging residents to quibble (and hopefully) maim themselves in their despair of a collapsing market when our international students and expats realise that this country is a lost cause. Also, I was always happier in the UK, where the average bra cup size is a D, unlike a miserly A here. 🙂

      1. Woow! never since my whole stay here have i met such an open minded and clued in Malaysian. The problem is when we foreign students come to malaysia we are kind of blinded by what the media puts out into the world about this country, all we see is the beauty of the surroundings, the supposed friendly and embracing people only to get here and realize we have been duped. non the less i am about to finish my studies and will be more that ecstatic to be heading to a new place. Thank you for your comment…Always a pleasure to see that there are still people like yourself in Malaysia 🙂

    3. are you saying that those crimes committed are basically African doings? com on wake up… my uncles car was stolen three weeks ago are you saying it was done by Africans, my neighbor got robbed my malaysian guys just recently, what have you to say about that.. within yourself who are you most scared of.. our people say, look behind yourself from under your two leg and you will see the ghost, i think that is what malaysians need to do and stop pointing accusing fingers on Africans

    4. Scared of what? The Africans in Malaysia that are involved in “fraud, theft and robberies” don’t define all Africans. How would you like it if we deemed all Malay’s racist because of the actions of a minority of you? Contrary to what you believe, Africans are privileged and cultured people. Most of us didn’t come to Malaysia to steal money, education is the reason we’re here and believe me, we don’t want to stay here after our studies. Ignorance is deadly. I’m sure you don’t even know a single African person. Get your facts right before you make such ignorant comments.

  2. Since it’s all made so glaringly clear, frankly speaking racist or otherwise, Africans/ME – JUST DON’T ENTER MALAYSIA. To this ‘need cider’ character, I doubt your attitude is your biggest asset when you migrate to other countries. I have been to at least 10 countries in the past 5 years, for business and leisure.. Yes, a country’s culture and teachings may shape it’s governance and community’s behaviors but you, as an individual with your negative thoughts, is as equally disastrous. There’s nothing open-minded, it’s a very narrow mindset. I may be arrogant to say this, but I could’ve migrated out of Malaysia to SG ages ago, but I chose to stay and join the voices of the rakyat, not just for my family, but for relatives and friends who still need to reside in MY. We remain to help fight a cause we have strong hope in.

    1. I understand what you are saying, and it might seem as if i am narrow minded, but believe me living in a place of very arrogant and ignorant people you tend to lose hope on them. I would have migrated out of Malaysia soon if i could, but the thing is i am studying here on scholarship from my government, so up and leaving is out of the question. But i sure am very glad that i am about to finish and i will be out of here as soon as im done!

  3. Malaysia’s Lowyat forum is an online meeting place for anti-establishments. Most of them are supporters of opposition parties either DAP, PKR or PAS.

    While the latter two do not have racist inclination, DAP is well-known to incite racial hatred among ethnic Chinese towards all other races.

    I do hope you will have better experience in this country, apart from what you had read in Lowyat.

    1. unfortunately i have not had a better experience. apart from what i have read on Lowyat, my everyday encounters for the past 4 years with Malaysians have not been any better than what was said on Lowyat. They pretty much are the same views almost most Malaysians (Malays, Chinese and Indians) have about internationals, specifically Africans(since they think we are all the same and they are even ignorant enough to believe Africa is just one giant country) and Arabs. It just saddens me to see almost a whole population so ignorant and plainly racist.

    2. Mohmad, before you try to divert blame to one political party or one race, do not forget that the UMNO owned Utusan Malaysia Malay-language newspaper has printed so many derogatory articles about Africans.

      A simple Google search brings up these results:

      Isu warga Afrika meruncing – Issues of Africans becoming problematic
      Lokasi warga Afrika digempur – African locations raided
      Warga Afrika tukar taktik buka restoran – African change tactics by opening restaurants
      Kesan kebanjiran ‘Awang Hitam’ – Effects of Awang Hitam (slang for African) migrants flooding in
      Jangan beri ruang Malaysia jadi syurga si penipu – Do not let Malaysia become a heaven for conmen (article specifically singles out Africans)
      Jangan ‘berlembut’ terhadap Awang hitam – Do not be soft with Africans

    3. Umno government has destroyed millions of jobs for bright Malaysians and racist Malaysian businesses since 1970 when New Economic Policy NEP was implemented. Compared Singapore with Malaysia and you know the differences. Why Umno government cannot set higher standard for university and and cannot implement any entrance exam for foreign students and also cannot pay for any student loan or grants ? Mohamad above who is probably the Umno supporter has blame everyone else but not himself for the African foreign students problem in Malaysia. Because Mohamad above has supported Umno all the weird things are happening. Racial discrimination against all non-Umno are a way of life since long time ago. For abichica, the African foreign student there is only 1 thing you can learn in Malaysia, that is how Umno has been successfuly implemented the New Economic Policy which if you become a leader one day in your country, you can mimic and become rich and successful. In African countries, you often find tyrants and dictator who kill to clean the are from the other races or tribe. Well New Economic Policy NEP in Malaysia did just that but without international criticism. NEP deprive non Umno Malaysian against licenses to operate business, no or minimum education support for their mother tongue language, quota system for university scholarship etc. Kuala Lumpur was once a Chinese dominated city thriving with businesses but what you see now there are hardly any younger Chinese left… So much for your suffering abichica, we non Umno people in Malaysia also are suffering you know !!!

      1. You know you have just proved my point. You Malaysian just have to much discrimination. Even among each other. And the worst thing is that you are so narrow minded and ignorant and that just exasperates and pisses me off. The fact that you guys refer to Africa as a country( which is the dumbest shit iv ever heard by the way) is an example of how very ignorant and uneducated you are. But then to each his own. We(foreigners) can not expect you to fix your racist, discriminatory, prejudice ways towards us when you cant even live in peace with your differences. All you see are differences, you can never look at the fact that we are all human and are all the same.

  4. You guys just saw the comments of those racists and you just go on with it labeling Malaysians are racist toward African.
    Does a forum topic representing all of us? No, I dont discriminate anyone.
    And racism dont happen only in Malaysia but every other part of the world, be it serious or not it happens.
    The author is over-reacting, chill everyone.

    1. Add on: regarding what MOHAMAD said up there, its baseless, lowyat forum is for everyone, EVERYONE. There is a subforum about politics discussion but its not for the purpose he said.

      1. It’s such a shame that you to believe I am overreacting, over reacting would be me getting offended just because a Malaysia asks me ” so do you have a pet lion” ( i have been asked such a ridiculous question btw), or me getting my panties in a bunch just because of 1 situation, but unfortunately this happens on a daily bases, yes racism exists everywhere but in some countries it is more prominent and more embraced than others. Malaysians are not only racist towards Africans, they are also racist towards each other( Malaysians hate Indians and Chinese and vise versa) They segregate a lot of places like cities that some races can go to or live in(like Putrajaya, it is only for Malays). And out of all the countries that I have ever been to( which is about 10, Thailand and Singapore included) Malaysia is by far the worst. The treatment towards non white foreigners here is barbaric, it is inhumane and frankly a cause for concern. As long as Malaysians do not see this as a problem and do not fix themselves, then there really is nothing the rest of us do but get the hell our of here.
        My article is not only based on the comments on Lowyat forum( even though they should be enough to show the pure hate and racism which is obviously evident here) but also on my experience of having lived here, with Malaysians and many many other different races for about 5 years now. Politeness and respect fail to exist from Malaysians to foreigners(unless they are white ofcourse 😀 ) yet we try our best, even though there are some bad things we might feel and think about them as a nation, to give them the benefit of the doubt and not judge them by what a few of them do. It just saddens me to see how very ignorant, predigest, hateful and close minded Malaysians are. We should not hate one another because of some race or some nationality.

      2. I feel sorry for you to be gone through all those bad experience, I cant do anything bout what has happened and how other people think.
        Reason why I comment here is it hurts me when I see such negative comments about my country and I wont defend those acted impolite to all friends from other countries.
        What I want to say is: we are not all racists. Please dont label every Malaysian as racist.

      3. lol.. just as i said, i do not think all Malaysians are racist, but the truth is the majority is. That is a sad fact. And unless you are a foreigner then you wont really know.

  5. I am Indonesian.
    Short comment here, Bravo. You said it out loud. Ya, most of Malaysians are racists, but not all of them of course. I am just trying to enjoy my life here in Malaysia by avoiding the racist people and make friends with them that open minded and not racist.

    Maybe you know how bad Malaysian treat Indonesian and Bangladesh. Their perception of Indonesian and Bangladesh are people who do labour work, “second class” people as Indon and Bangla. For me as Indonesian, 7 years lived here, I have full enough with this kind of experience. But now as I am working in high level position, I am very satisfied to see those racist people face when they realized that they are under command of “second class” people like me, INDON.

  6. oh god,your comments and everything you said about this country is straight upto the point. I’ve just been in this country for a year, but the racism here is just too much. I’m from a multi-racial country too,but this whole thing just doesn’t exist. Some of the guys look at me as if I were some sort of slum or shit, or else they spit on the ground. Didn’t they learn manners in kindergarten? They talk of African GUYS being scary,but heck, I’m a girl?!

    In class,Internationals are like another ethnic group. It’s like Malaysia has Chinese,Malay,Indians,Punjabis and Internationals. At Least,we live together. Other Internationals always greet me,even with a simple nod as acknowledgement in malls or roadside. You rightly said, you just have to be a foreign student to know what we go through. Well,how can you expect them to treat us right when they still have their own issues with each other.

    I chose to study abroad to learn from and with a community of different cultures.Local students benefit just the same, having the opportunity to learn from different people, without going abroad. But more importantly, one of the best things about universities is that it’s a chance to meet people that you wouldn’t otherwise encounter. The benefits of mixing with people from different backgrounds are obvious. In today’s job market, students have to prove that they are culturally agile and aware of global issues.It’s a shame that more students aren’t taking up this opportunity.Generalisations about other cultures can only be fought by educating people and actually providing students with the platform to mix.

  7. Oh gosh. I’m not a middle eastern. I’m from morocco, A country in Africa, But we aren’t black, we’re Mediterranean Caucasians. So I look like a middle eastern. I’ve already applied to universities in Malaysia, and got accepted. I haven’t known about the racism in Malaysia before, and now I’m just scared of going there. How do you think people in Malaysia see North Africans? (Moroccans. Algerians, etc) I wanna go there to study. But I’m not looking forward to study with no social life. I, in all honesty had a great desire to befriend locals more than internationals. But my desire is being flushed away after reading this and the comments on lowyat,
    I’m a female, and I’m either joining APU, MMU or Segi if that makes a difference.

    1. Malaysians treat all foreigners the same, bad, especially africans and middle eastern, seeing as you are Algerian, you look like a Middle Eastern so they will most probably treat you like trash.. Im sorry to say that right now I would suggest you not come and study here, things are becoming more and more difficult for international students in Malaysia, the immigration just made new rules for the visa which are downright insane. I would suggest you go to a different place. I myself am studying in MMU, and iv been here four years and i cant wait to get the hell out of here..

    2. Here are just my opinion. For me, why don’t you try to study there first before you believe whatever people said. Yeah you know, people can easily said what the want. Don’t be afraid. They’re still lot of nice people there. Hope you will have great experiences there. Wish you the best of luck, sis 🙂

      1. I have studied there for 4 years,i am speaking from experience, not from what people say. Of course there are a few good ones, but the ad ones overshadow the good.

    3. Im a malaysian. Lived here my whole life! Racism here is really bad and u wont like it coming here to malaysia. Just study elsewhere! Cops in malaysia will harass u and many rampant snatch theft and rape crime to beautiful foreign girls like u. Ppl here in malaysia are very narrowminded and eneducated when it comes to other ppls culture. Malays think they are the superior race. Majority if malays getting rich is bcoz of goverments help. The government will only help malays but not chinese or indian who r born in malaysia. Im just making money here start a business then wanna go fuck off to europe. Im a born muslim. But i wanna stay away from narrow minded stupid muslims for awhile and blend in with anyone from whatever race and religion coz i dont give a f*ck!

      1. Thank you so much for your honest input. It is Malaysians like you who keep us wanting to come back to your country, because you are not like the rest of those narrow minded people. Wish you all the best. 🙂

  8. Just live with it. How can country be clear of racism if government plays racial politics, everything even ic registration require to write your race, does it matter if you are a Chinese, malay or Indian, we are still malaysians, if you are finding racial harmony, malaysia is not the place, my friends want to emigrate to pther countries after graduating, as a Malaysian I am sorry for your unpleasant experience, all I can say is they are always idiots, if you are lucky enough to mix with good batch of people, then good luck to you, penang have lots of students that are open minded and welcome to foreigners but again not all of them, just a higher amount of good people than other state

    1. you are right, the problem is Malaysians themselves do not have a peaceful existence among each other, Anyway, thank you for your comment. 🙂

  9. Dun make yourself pathetic.
    It is obvious all of these foreigner are the reason why our crime rate is increasing.
    What kind of 30 year old man, come to Malaysia to study?
    Full of bullshit.

    Don’t like racism?
    Heck even when if you are in other parts of the world there are racist people.
    Don’t be a hypocrite.
    Why don’t you be a dear and live with them before complaining about Malaysians being racists?

    Malaysians only good in complaining and whining like a kiddo.
    Face the reality and deal with it.

  10. I agree with what you said, I didn’t know Malaysia is such a bad place for foreigners especially the African’s until I befriended them. I have a few african friends and I find them to be such nice warm people. I feel ashamed and sad that Malaysia had become such a racist country. Im in my 40’s and Malaysia were never like this when I was growing up. During my school days we didnt know we were malay, chinese or indians. Just remember this when the indians and chinese is second class citizen in their own country what more to say… 😦

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I feel bad for indians and chinese in Malaysia, atleast I can leave because i’m a foreigner but they have to actually endure that for the rest of their lives. thanks for coming by.

  11. Let me share u a tip.malaysians r generally suspicious of ppl who can’t respect the local sensitivities. This is more evident in big cities as malaysians creates an imaginary personal space that usually dun include ppl from outside their immediate circle such as family n friends when they go home. U need to understand this is a subconscious way to zoom out from the busy schedule n packed workplace. Ppl in the smaller towns n kampungs wd have more relaxing time to get to know others,even foreigners. In conclusion, as the saying goes, while in Rome,do what the roman is an old wisdom. Once malaysians see that foreigners are able to respect the local sensitivities, they cd easily drop their barrier and see foreigners for who they are, as individuals. For example, dun go around wearing very revealing clothes in places where the majority are Muslim Malays, or drinking and getting drunk in public places where small children plays like in the playground. Some malaysians drink too, bt there are places to do it.just because it is acceptable in your country, does not it is acceptable in another. One good lesson one learned when studying abroad, is to learn to see how the locals perceive the outside world based on their own cultures, and in Malaysia, there exist many cultures from the various different ethnic races. This is what I learnt when I was studying in japan, a very prejudice country towards other Asians and non blue eyed blond hair foreigners. They mite appear polite on the front, but they actually bitch abt u n make things hard for u. But many of us in my uni learnt to show our respect to the local sensitivities, n approached them in ways that also respected their personal space. We learnt abt the Japanese personal space concept n tried not to over crowded it with our own national/ cultural personal space. N for ur info, malaysians in general r if u smile at them n greet them ( bearing in mind their personal space) they wd certainly return back ur smile n greet u back. As for malaysians bickering, just dun really mind urself too much over it. When ppl have become too close to each others like brothers n sisters, fights n bickerings happen.I have been to many countries, where many many malaysians would just feel excited to meet other malaysians.

    As foreign students, u r ur countries’ young ambassadors. U have a social n patriotic responsibility to showcase the best of your countries have to offer, to introduce your countries to us Malaysians of the more than 50 countries in Africa ( I cant be sure cox some articles reported 56 n some 52). Africa is a faraway land from us malaysians, n what we know is what is shown on tv n on the news, which I believes do not represent all of the ppls from the continent. 🙂

    1. wow seriously, it is insane how you believe Africans or internationals just do as they please in Malaysia( like you say they drink in play grounds in front of kids, never seen that btw). Anyway, you should never believe anything you see on tv about other cultures or countries. If I were to excuse Malaysians’ behavior because they do not understand us because as you say “Africa is a far away land to you” then it would be pretty easy for me to believe malays are terrorists, because that is the believe in the world. But I do not, because i never judge people by just what I hear, or by here say, I judge by what i experience myself. Thanks for your input though, always good to see another person’s point of view. 🙂

      1. I agree with what Sherry say. Regardless what country we came from,we need to be educated with other cultures, issues,news, etc before going overseas,so we won’t get that culture shock and be prepared beforehand. I do agree and disagree with you about believe in media because for me,I believe media can be 50% to be truth and 50% to be false,that is where experiences a lot with the topic by yourself came before we make any conclusion. For me,its never have to do with race,religion,colour,country,status,etc…its the PEOPLE. I hate to refer the problem by country,race,religion,colour,etc,isn’t better by refer people like that man or woman? Its so so so wrong to judge by that. God create different race,different country,different religions,different languages,different colour,etc for a reason. Every country have their own up and down,or should we call their best and issues?Sorry,I don’t know what words to describe that. I believe no country is better than the other,there is no perfect country in this world. I do understand your frustration because I feel the same way. But,frustration and complain won’t solve the problem,it just make it worse. Negative will make you blind from positive if you didn’t do anything about it. Thats why,I always told myself to avoid the negative and always cling to positive so that I won’t miss the beauty of others regardless what they are. I learn that positive and negative are like a magnet. If you negative,you will attract all negative but if you positive,you will attract all positive. Its hard for me to change from negative to positive but its so worth it…I don’t know if you understand what I’m talking about..somehow,I feel this out of topic…and I don’t know how the hell I came here…oh,well,I need to get sleep,tomorrow need to go to work…anyway,study hard and good luck with your studies…do your best and focus it properly…always remember why you at university…life will never be that easy but doesn’t mean we have to give up…good night zzzz….

  12. *malaysians r generally suspicious of ppl who can’t respect the local sensitivities*……….
    Give justice to secondary school girls and boys (age- 12-16) who smokes in PUBLIC in school uniforms…. women who are well covered head to feet…. smoking and taking alcoholic drinks……….. married men and women of this very country dating outside their marital homes. Much I see and hear …just can’t say it all.

    1. Like i said. Ignorance is bliss. They ignore what happens in their own country and instead casts blame on foreigners saying we are the ones ruining their precious country when it is not like that at all. We live in an age where we do not need to hate one another just because of a few differences like skin colour, nationality, sexuality etc. thank you for coming by and having your say. 🙂

    2. owh is that ONLY Malaysian youngster doing that?? CHINESE?MALAY?INDIAN?is that in UK or US or other country perhaps , the youngster like that didn’t smoke? didn’t do drug?? or taking alcohol?

      owh, its not about race or people.. is the attitude of people.. please set back your mind…. =)

      1. I agree with you, but like I said, this is my experience in Malaysia. Not in any other country, I have been to many countries like China, Singapore, Thailand, but still Malaysia is the worst when it comes to prejudice and racism.

    1. It’s not a matter of respecting local sensitivities, we respect those plenty. I’ts a matter of being ignorant and not liking anyone who is the least bit different from you.

  13. Hey abihica, first of all, not all foreigners being treated badly. I’ve never heard my fellow malaysians complaining about the japanese and koreans who migrated here. Same goes to thailand people that migrated here. No one is complaining about them. You might find this useful in order to understand more on the reason of our behaviour towards the foreigners especially africans, indonesians, bangladeshis, pakistanis, nepalis etc:

    1) You guys smells like hell. I know it could be because of your biological nature, but please be aware of innovations called deoderant, body spray and perfume. Its so disturbing getting back home from work, being very tired and still have to deal with all these shitty smell in public transport.
    2) In apartments, flats and condos, you guys dont follow rules. Making noises regardless of time, throwing rubbish from your balcony and quite a number of you guys disturb the local ladies around.
    3) Never respect us Malaysian as a host. There is one time my friends and I were playing against an African team (yes, we do mix around with expats too). The nigerian guy was wearing a ring so my friend just told him to take it off for safety reason. Guess what? He threatened my friend saying in its in nigeria now he would kill my friend with an Uzi. Thats the behaviour of an african expats who work in multination company which we can assume to be educated, so left alone all the students who come here to enjoy, imagine what kind of mentality they have.
    4) Whats with all the scams for money? is that one your countries, main economic activities?

    Blablabla.. its too long to list down everything and my lunch break is almost done. So look into yourself first (or rather your people) before you blame us for the way we treat you

    1. Woww! Just wow! DO NOT JUDGE A WHOLE CONTINENT BECAUSE OF A FEW PEOPLE! GOD DAMNED STUPID MALAYSIAN! I’m sorry I just get so aggravated in the mist of ignorance… You are freaking racist.. Before you start donning advice to me go and better yourself…

      1. I don’t understand. Seeing as you yourself said to not judge a whole continent by a few people, then why are you judging all malaysians because of some of your experiences? I am sorry for our inhospitality though, it is a shame that you mix around with such people. Perhaps you can try mixing with a different crowd? 🙂

      2. I know, i tried, i really tried not to judge, but it is difficult to not judge when every international student has experienced the same treatment from them. Thanks for your advice though. 🙂

  14. Immigrants make a country great. USA is great because of immigrants.

    I welcome immigrants, but Malaysia would be a better place without africans i guess. Heck, it would smell better too.

    Not saying it’s unfixable. Make yourselves useful. Take a job, and do it respectfully. There are a lot of good jobs, starting from scientists all the way to nightclub singers. Don’t be a scammer. Be real. Live with us, develop this nation with us. Don’t try to take advantge on Malaysian soft and graceful nature.

    Do something for this nation, do not corrupt it. That’s the only way we will welcome you. That’s the only way anybody will welcome you.

    1. Again, its amazing how you keep on proving my case, you judge a whole freaking continent, let me say that again A CONTINENT, because of one country.. come one people even you have to agree with me that that is just plain stupid…

  15. hi ablchica. i read your text and agree with every single part of it. unfortunately they are lazy, useless, selfish and this applies to the malays especially. sometimes chinese are very different. i find their academia (upm), especially very very incompetent. the great mistake i ever did in my life was to come to a country and study where i know much better than their lecturers. and they are dangerous thieves as well.

  16. The way you generalize Malaysians as racists based on a particular forum or the people you meet daily is the same like how we Malaysians generalize Africa, the continent as a whole.

    Seriously, I’m not taking sides because we Malaysians can really be racist scumbags at times even myself… unintentionally. But coming from my own experiences (and my surrounding), Africans (or rather Nigerians) scare the shit out of me. It’s not because of the color or our differences but just bad experiences over and over again. I’ve been whistled at, called names at and been sexually abused verbally by these Nigerians such as “hey girl, wanna go home with me?” or “need some black c*cks?”. And if I just ignore and walk away, they’ll go “fuck you” or “rude bitch”. Don’t even start with the whole “you deserve it cause you dress like a slut”. No, I don’t. I won’t even elaborate on the scams, drugs, fights & parties.

    I’m not saying all Nigerians are like such but traumatizing experiences made us act like so. We do not say we despise “black people” because they’re black. We just feel unsafe especially being physically inferior.

    I have some African friends mainly from Tunisia though; they dress well, have a job, honest, goes to Church/Mosque, respect the ladies etc. So, on your saving grace… we might be a little too over generalizing.

    What I’m trying to say is that, we are not racist because racism is discrimination due to differences in skin color, religion etc. We’re just extremely cautious to the point of being overly paranoid (maybe). Wayyyy too many bad experiences and words spread. Hope you have a clearer picture now. Cheers!

    1. Like I say, this is my experience, when someone calls you a “nigga” and tells you you look like a monkey because you are black, isnt that discrimination againgst your skin color? when someone acts better than you and tells you their religion is the one true religion and the rest of the people who have different religions are sinners, isnt that discrimination because of religion? you have to open your mind and start seeing that life in Malaysia is difficult if you are black for the very reason that you ARE BLACK.. I am in no means saying all Malaysians are racist, no I am not, because I have Malaysian friends who are ok, who are open minded who are not hateful, but people like the ones on this forum make me sick..

  17. I myself have lived overseas outside Asia so I can be as open minded as anyone. First of all, people calling those from the african continents as africans is like calling people from asia contients as asians (even though that usually just means the chinese, japanese and koreans). To be fixated on this as much as you do is just nitpicking. Live with it.

    Second, I go to a local private university with many foreign students. I dont have any problem with them, they are mostly nice people as far as im concerned. Friendly also. However, majority of my interaction with them is on the roads. And whenever I see a car driving dangerously (driving through a red light on a busy road, etc basically driving abnormally more dangerous than usual malaysians do) the first thing that comes to mind would be “probably a foreigner”, and I would be right more than half the time.

    Not to mention that numerous online scams theyre trying to do. Nigerian prince. Really?

    There are other examples as well. Of course all are not bad. However the problem is the good ones dont get noticed, the bad ones do. And there are many bad ones. Perception is a fact. And the people’s perception is that the foreigners of ME and african descent brings with them some amount of trouble.

    Theres a saying in malay, leaves wont move if theres no wind pushing it. While it may be fine to criticize the really bad racist Malaysians, it takes two to tango.

    The way i read it, your post makes you sound as bad if not worse than the people youre trying to criticize. If you really think youre all that holy and nice, then I have wasted my time typing all this.

    1. I never said once that I am holy and nice, but what i am doing is sharing my experiences, having lived in Malaysia, China, Singapore and Thailand, Malaysia was by far the worst place for me. And really in this situation it does not take two to tango, it takes one, because Malaysians very much judge all black people because of what a few people do, and like i have said before, i never said all Malaysians are bad, there are some good ones, and if you check out the link I provided, my main issue is with this thread made specifically to hate on Africans and the comments on it..

  18. Sorry man, rather than boosting our economy bringing in money i rather not at all any African/ME rent our properties. Its so fucking annoying to educate them LIVE BY THE RULES. You sign the damn contract then just ABIDE it, as simply as that else none of these discrimination happens. Soften up the rock music past bedtime: FAIL, take care of house hygiene: FAIL, pay up rent on time: FAIL, take care furnitures as if its your own home: FAIL. Mostly behaving like barbarians, which is why Japanese/Korean tenants are preferred. This is only the context of tenancy. Next going to social aspect, you do know despite the low population of Negros over here, large amount of fraud activities are caused by you people. Heck, the first Negro I dealt with almost scammed me and SHE was a STUDENT. We seemed to have given alot of warnings and I believe police had done countless raids but it never ends. Dont give me the bullshit of few doesnt judge the whole population thing. We talking about probabilities; and somehow Negros always have higher tendency to commit nonsense than others, just look at your whole continent and those in America. All we beg is you guys to learn to behave before coming down here (which will not happen any time soon anyway). Disliking Negros is analogous to disliking Chinese from mainland, same shit different origin. We have been made racists for stating the facts. But do I care? No, because we dont tolerate shit from you people anymore. You’re welcome sir.

    1. wow! Your level of hate, racism and discrimination appalls me dear and by the way im a girl. Thanks for your very racist comment. You make it easy to prove my point. 😀

  19. So if this kind of news appear in your country what did your government and people will do?? Just curious!! There r lots more I just show a few..

    Yes it is true! Many Africans and Nigerians living on cheating women

    In another case, police arrested 21 people — most of them Africans — for running “parcel scams.”

    The police also seized 13 laptops, 16 mobile phones, several bundles of counterfeit US$100 bills, and RM42,979 in cash.

    The scam involves a syndicate member approaching a prospective victim to say there is a parcel from overseas to be delivered to him or her.

    25,000 Africans in the country and many of them have been caught committing serious crimes such as drug trafficking, robbery, murder and ‘black money’.

    In an opinion piece published in the Malay language daily, news editor Rozaman Ismail said the Africans — which he referred to using the “Pak Hitam” (black fellow) pejorative — were escalating their illegal activities from fraud to violent crimes. – See more at:

    1. Not all Africans are Black, not all Africans are Nigerian and the problem is Malaysians have a mentality that 1. Africa is a country and 2. All black people are bad. Which in itself is stupidity and angers me because you do not see me assuming all Asians are Malay or that Asia is a country. It just makes no sense to judge all people because of a few bad apples.

  20. hi there.

    we Malaysian some of them not blaming others race for no reason.
    there some of your kind itself(sorry, i didn’t know whether your are Nigerian or Africans ,or it may same these two terms) make problems here and there in Malaysia, such as disturbing our female youngsters wherever they go or walk.. and sometimes your kinds also being rude to us. making noise at night, and drive car in nasty way and even park wherever they want!..

    in my case, in a bus, one of your kinds don’t want to pay the ticket price, and just take a seat, and blaming again the ticket man. the children in that bus were frighten until the man agreed to pay the ticket after one of our policeman come into the bus.

    i said some of your kinds only. i’m not blaming you.
    i agreed with Faisal’s comment, we are not hating your kinds, we hating your kinds attitude.. of course humans, did mistakes, had some rude behaviors. but if your kinds respects us, we respects you too..

    Malaysian can deal with you.
    please come back to this comment with concrete fact that your kinds didn’t mess up with our citizen here. =)
    if you keep hating us, yea the result we hating you too..

    1. The fact that you keep using the phrase “Your kind” is proof enough. Honestly we all learn from each other, if you wanna learn from me and better yourself then thats awesome, if not then it is still ok, its really your prerogative. Thank you for sharing your views though. 🙂

  21. I am an interernational student and I was the only one whose non Malaysian in the class! My course was one year it felt like he’ll! There were Indian groups and Chinese groups (no Malay in class) and then me sitting all alone.

    All my friends were mostly international and not my coursemates.

    I couldn’t perform academicay well because I couldn’t fit in, and then one Chinese girl asked a person whose my friend ” how did he get visa to study here”

    People saw me eating all alone never bothered to invite me 😦

  22. Maybe I’m too late.After read all of these comments,all I wanna say is
    SORRY ..
    We’re humans too..We’re not perfect.
    Maybe there’re some malaysians out there are rude,racism,etc(like what u said).But not all of them are like that
    There’re many malaysians out there are nice.This matter is not happen only in Malaysia.Maybe the other countries too..
    But anyway,me,as a Malaysian,I feel bad and shamed with some of the rudes malaysians out there that insult you.I know you guys still upset with our country..
    But I just wanna say sorry for all the mistakes that they have done to you..
    They’re idiots.Ignore them..
    WE’RE SORRY :’)

  23. I have been studied n UPM for 3 years now and you would not believe the level of discrimination International students facing mainly Iranians and Africans specially if they are not Muslim.

    The classmates which majority are Malay ignore you which is totally fine with me, but lecturers….. i really don’t know how to describe the hell they put us through.
    Anyhow I can’t deny that i have many good Malaysian friends(not from UPM of course ) .

    1. I agree with you, I also have Malay friends, but its just that it is so hard to be around people you know are always thinking bad thoughts about you. Thanks for the comment and I hope you will finish your studies with flying colours


    Unwanted: Illegitimate Afro-Malay babies
    FMT Reporters
    March 13, 2015

    No adoptive parents for the cute babies at Subang halfway home

    KUALA LUMPUR: Several babies born out of wedlock between Malay women and their African lovers are facing an uncertain future.
    Nine cute Afro-Malay babies have been put up for adoption by their unwed mothers, aged between 17 and 23, since 2009 but there were no takers, reports Harian Metro.
    The children are at the Pertubuhan Kebajikan Baitul Fiqh, a halfway home for troubled women in Subang.
    Haliza Abdul Halim, the founder of the home, said there was even an unwed mother who was made pregnant twice by two African men.
    “In all these cases, the babies had to be raised by members of the mother’s family or her relatives because no one wanted to adopt them.”
    Haliza said there was even a case where a baby was returned after staying with her adoptive family for three days. The adoptive family could not bear to face the uncertainty of the child’s future.
    “They were unwilling to take the risk of the child being looked down upon by the community, especially after they (adoptive parents) pass away,” she said.

  25. It’s not all about skin color though, isn’t it? I’m an Indian. I’m black as coal, and I look like an African too. But I have loads of Chinese friends. I’m also married to a Chinese woman and her family treats me like a son.

    That’s not to say there isn’t any racism in Malaysia. There is. But it’s just like anywhere else. I’m 37 years old and I’ve set foot on pretty much all the continents in the world, and I’ve encountered racism everywhere I go, even in Chad, Gabon and Nigeria, from people as black as I am.

    The Chinese encounter it everywhere also, as do the Koreans and Japanese, Hispanics, Latin Americans, Mexicans, Syrians, etc. You’re going to face racism everywhere you go. But along the way, you’re going to meet really fascinating people of different colors from your own. People who see you for what you are. That’s the kind of people that I’ve met, and I cherish them all the more.

    Well, back to Malaysia, at least. I can say so much more about this country because I was born and raised here. The kind of racism here is institutionalized racism, whether by the government (Malays get all kinds of perks for being born Malay as opposed to being born a Malaysian) or by religion (Cannot eat at Non-halal joints, unlike in Indonesia where you see Muslims eating with their non-muslim friends at non-muslim joints): you can see the Chinese and the Indians eating at restaurants belonging to all races in Malaysia, but you will never see Malays frequenting Chinese or Indian restaurants. This creates a kind of a divide between the Malays and the rest, unfortunately. Despite the institutionalized racism, I’d still say that most Malays I know are not racists, as are most Chinese and Indians.

    But why are students from the African continent treated poorly more than most? It’s certainly not because of the color of your skin, but one of risk profiling.

    Let me explain a little before you jump in and say that’s racism.

    Everyone lives by a cardinal rule in life, and that is to avoid risk.

    For example, if they can afford it, most would like to live in a gated and guarded community. People (who can afford it) tend to gravitate away from what they perceive to be a risky area to live in. You would do exactly the same as everyone else. You would not stop people wanting to live by arguing that just because a crime happens to others it doesn’t mean it would happen to them too. That’s a very poor argument. You can only stop people wanting to leave by improving the place.

    Another example. There are two basket of ten apples. One basket has five bad ones, and the other has two bad ones. You must choose one basket, which basket will you choose? It’s obvious isn’t it? You’d avoid the one with the most bad ones every single time.

    For a small population in Malaysia, there has been a disproportionately large number of cases of scams, kidnaps, robberies, rapes, attempted rapes, intimidating or drunken behavior, destruction of property and so on involving Africans in Malaysia. Can you blame Malaysians for putting Africans under the ‘Risky’ profile?

    The same can be said of Latin Americans – too many cases of thefts and robberies involving Latin Americans also, against the tiny population in Malaysia. Again, Malaysians will consider Latin Americans as “Risky” too.

    Even Malaysian Indians face it too, but only if you dress like a gangsta.

    Too many articles on racism fail to differentiate between racism and its causes. Rather than taking on the position of the ‘victim’, perhaps a fair amount of blame should be attributed to the the bad apples too, the ones who spoil it for the rest, and also do something towards improving the ‘crop’ so to speak. That is probably one way to remove the ‘Risky’ tag.

    I’m sorry if I come across all racist to you, but you’ll understand my point one day when you’re older.

  26. Hi, many things have been happening lately in this country that had me thinking deeply (but maybe not deep enough).

    And then I came across this article.

    First off, as a Malaysian, from the bottom of my heart, I’m sorry… we’re sorry.

    I’m sorry because I’ve always thought of my people to be discriminated against. But I myself, without realizing it, was having the same bias towards foreigners, even though foreigners contribute at least a part in the development of this country.

    I’m afraid, in our long history of mistrust and miscommunication, that it has become second nature to us. I too, remember an earlier time, when things are more relaxed.

    But I thank you for writing this enlightening article, and also for giving Malaysia a chance by coming here to study (even though we screwed up in return). Also, there are still many Malaysians who are open and enlightened enough out there. Heck, I think the majority would be great people to be with, if the current mist of distrust are to be lifted from our Malaysian skies!

    So here, I wish you all the best in your studies. I’m sure you’ll go on to give great contributions to this world. Bravo!

  27. let call a spade, a spade. I have read what some ppl said here. but the truth remain that, there is no crime that happen in a country that the country man is not involve.(if Africa has ever being involved in any) our ppl use to say it is the cat that is at home that tell the rat in the bush that theres fish in the basket. but the truth remains that discrimination is just the other of the day. it only in dis country I see a black could be harassed this same town, a Malay gal my friend met thro social media decide to visit my friend after haven know for a very long time just to meet in person….unknown to my friend that the gal was facial scammer….in fact how many cases will.I mention from what I had experienced…..illiteracy is indeed a sickness….until the up coming generation er been taught…if.not the worst might happen.

  28. I’m sorry to hear about your experiences… but I can’t say I’m surprised. The problem with racism in this country, is as you said – Malaysians are extraordinarily racist towards one another and most of the time they do not realize it. They think it’s normal behavior to put down someone of another race, because they don’t see people of other races as fellow humans at all. They are indoctrinated at birth to believe such things.

    For example, American parents tell their kids to behave with such phrases like, “Behave or the policeman/ boogeyman will get you” Guess what parents here say. The Chinese and Malays like to say, “Behave or I will sell you to the Indian man” and the Indians will say, “Behave or I will sell you to the Chinaman to eat, they eat everything and they will eat you”.

    If one is made fearful of other races as a child, and hear racist things said in the privacy of the home from their parents, what’s going to happen?

    I think part of why people of African nations find it hard is that American media is very popular here. It is only recently that people of African descent are portrayed in a positive light. Before that, how were they portrayed? That’s how they see all peoples of African descent. Because the movies and films got here first.

    Malaysians think “tolerance” and “acceptance” are the same things. They do not mix with each other enough to realize how very little they know about the others’ culture (Malays, Chinese and Indians, I’m looking at ALL of you!). If they don’t know enough about the people they are sharing the same land and air with, they’re just not bothered about people outside of Malaysia. Besides, dark skin is void currency over here. If you’re white or yellow-skinned, and/or filthy rich, you’re good to go and most likely worshiped. If not, well, tough luck.

    This comment is just preaching to the choir for you, but I’m writing for the benefit of other nation’s peoples, too – and maybe some Malaysians will get it into their rock-hard skull what racism really means.

  29. Abichica, I understand your points but i don’t agree with it. I am about to move into my new apartment somewhere near your Uni, and I got 3 African men (huge size) living opposite my unit as my neighbor, they don’t talk softly (I don’t know why, maybe is your culture) and I can hear their loud voices even inside my unit while both main doors are close, what should I do? Can I ask them to be quiet ? if I do so will I be threaten? After all this is not about Racism from the beginning, is all about the past criminal cases caused by your people that made us (the local people) worry on our own safety.

    1. I dont understand why their size matters in this situation, as well as you saying “My people”, this is just an example of racial profiling. Terminology used by someone dictates whether they are prejudice or not and your language tells me that you are. And you have to know that even Malaysia are dangerous towards foreigners, especially foreign girls, so really its a matter of perspective. But either way you are entitled to your own believes, your own views.

  30. They say “dont come to Malaysia then” but how wouldnt we come when they’re advertising the country as a nice place on the TV only to come and meet something else. In 2014 my bag and passport got stolen by a Malaysian guy, thats just one instance of many, but that wont make me say Malaysians are theives. I think they need to be educated.

  31. Never mixed around much with international students from Africa, but there are lots living near my housing estate. I don’t mind groups of students but when there are groups of men hanging out in street corners at night…um…whatever color, I’d rather avoid them. To be honest, you would not find the more open minded and cosmopolitan Malaysians studying here, unless it’s at British or Australian branch campuses/affiliate programs. They all escape overseas. Those who only speak the language of their own race clump together and refuse to mix with their own countrymen- what more foreigners? In a nutshell, dark-skinned people are always discriminated against, even Malaysian Indians. Unless the more open minded Malaysians somehow manage to win this battle, if you come to study here and have dark skin be prepared to get your degree and run.

    1. You are very right..and that is exactly what I did.. I got my degree and left as soon as possible..And now I live in China and everything here is so completely different. Chinese people are so friendly and you don’t feel the deep hate here like you feel in Malaysia

  32. not try to be racist, but many of those people you mentioned. its really making big trouble here, not honest, cheating, and destructive. im one of the owner for one of the condo you mention above, i have extremely bad experience with 3 tenants from said countries or continents what ever. they leave me a huge electricity bill, they destroy my house, they dont pay rental and keep lying to me that their money have not received to pay… i m just too kind to let me stay 2 months without rental and run away quietly!! 3 tenants all same pattern!! we once trusted its not majority of them is bad, but been try to accept 3 times. all 3 are same. so its 100% of them is bad base on my encounter. What say you admin??!! im here to remind all onwers, you rather rent free to a good local tenant than rent to these crazy people! they are the most idiotic and worst people i ever met in my entire life! you cant survive here, then you better back to the country who can accept your style. not here! for those who never encounter the bad experience, you never know how bad its affected you. you can sweet talk about world peace no racist whatsoever, when its happen to you. you will be like me now. totally losing confidence with these people! i was a student before, study oversea, i have friends from different countries. but my experience above really scare me away! no matter what. may be some of you is good. but the bad one is too many !!! You should blame your own kind who ruin your name~ not blaming others racist. cure the root cause, not forcing others to accept. if Malaysian ever do this in other countries. we wont blame others how they look at us. we will only blame the person who did wrongly. this is where we improve. correct or not. we wont even dare to write this blog to blame others.. it must be something that make people banned you!! we have many races in malaysia, we can accept different colours!! speaking of which, you are not only not welcome in malaysia, in many countries, you also not welcome. instead of saying others racist, you should earn the respect by doing good things.. not forcing people to respect you!!

    1. funny you say this because I have had the worst possible experiences in Malaysia all because of the locals, yet I always tried to not be judgemental of any new locals I met because I realized just because I have had bad experiences does not mean all Malaysians are bad, that is the sort of attitude you should take as well even though you have had bad experiences with some of them. and honestly 3 bad tenants does not warrant for you to judge everyone from the same fucking continent because that is just craziness and ignorance. But your opinion is your opinion and I know I can never change it. Have a good day and thank you for visiting my blog

  33. It is funny how humans view themselves when they are born to different nationality, ethnicity and family background. We could not chose our ethinicity. Granted, from what I have heard, generally speaking, the local people are afraid of black people, and look down on colored-foreigners who come to work here. No matter in Malaysia or developed country like Australia, the local people do not like doing dirty, difficult and dangerous work, that is the reason why foreigner workers are at here and there. Regardless of powerful nation like United States or Malaysia, racisms are still at there and here, the only difference is whether the people are sugar-coating it or not. For country like China where the people are of same color, things do not get better because they, too, will look down on the handicapped and the mentally ill. Some of us, if not most of us were taught, the lighter the skin color, the better. With that said, education plays a vital role here, even though people manage to be open-minded, to root out the racial prejudice from the heart is harder than we think.

    1. Im glad you say that. Countries like Malaysia sometimes are prejudiced because they do not see the need to open their minds and learn something more than only what their environment gives them Having lived in China for 3years I can gladly say I never personally experienced racism. the thing with China is that they do not hate you because of your skin color or because you are a foreigner or anything, in actuality they kind of worship foreigners. The type of worship that as a foreigner you get depends on the type of country you come from.

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