Day 1..Your current relationship status

Hi guys!! Yesterday i decided to take up the 30 day challenge, so here we go, today is day one and the day’s question is : Your current relationship status; if single discusses how single life is.

So i am not single, i have a boyfriend of 4 years, 4 months and 9 days.. 😀 I’m not sure if i should still answer how being single was because it was a pretty long time ago, and the relationship that im in right now is my very first.. *blushing*. and he is a wonderful,loving, wise, super sweet man. so i cant really remember how single life was like….lol.. But i can tell you that relationship life has been amazing.. of course we have our rough days just like every other couple in the planet, but all in all we are the happiest we have ever been.Being in college i have seen how relationships in university are, they hardly ever last a month  never the less a whole 4 years . Even after 4 years we are still as close and as in love as the very first month we were together and i am happy to say i truly think he is my soul mate!! 😀

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