Day 2.. Where You’d like to be in 10 years..

Day 2 is today and i’m supposed to say Where i’d like to be in 10 years.. Wow!! This is rather a hard one, and i’m not sure how exactly to answer it so i will try my very best.. So here it goes..

I am a very adventurous and free spirited person and i rarely ever plan ahead and for the future. But when i think about it i would love to travel the world, i have the desire to go to countries Maldives, Italy, France, Switzerland, Brazil, Cambodia and many other countries. If it was up to me i would like to have a job which allows me to travel and live in a different country every year, i know you probably think i am a scatter head or something like that.. Of course people expect me to want to be married and have babies by then( because i will be 33) but i truly have no desire for that right now.

I also wish to have published atleast 2 novels by then, i am currently working on my first one and it is going good but it is truly my goal to be a published writer, maybe even be on the best seller list.. 😀

But all in all i am hoping that in 10 years i will be happy, fulfilled, experienced, mature woman who will be surrounded by people who love her and living her life to the fullest as well as putting out something in the world to change it to best of my capabilities..

Again dont hesitate to drop a comment.. :-).. till tomorrow..


2 thoughts on “Day 2.. Where You’d like to be in 10 years..”

    1. I hope you try your best to do something to make yourself feel better.. to travel somewhere beyond where you have been.. :-).. thanks for your comment

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