Day 3..Your view on drugs and alcohol

Today is Day three of the blog challenge, i have to state my view on drugs and alcohol.. Personally i have nothing against alcohol personally, but i don’t drink, never have and i doubt i ever will for the simple reason that i hate the smell of it and i hate being out of control( being  intoxicated will be my ultimate loss of power of my actions and my power). I don’t want to do something that i will probably regret the following day and i wouldn’t want to wake up with a hang over and all of that.

I personally think no one should do drugs because not only are they bad for your body and mind they also ruin one’s life and future.. They are also so very addictive and  once you are hooked it’s pretty hard to get off them. But to each is own.. every decision one makes it really is up to them..

till tomorrow.. 🙂


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