Day 4..Day 4: Your views on religion

It’s day 4 and here we go.. My view on religion.

This is a rather complicated matter for me, i believe in religion, always have and always will i believe.. I was brought up in a strictly christian home in my home country in Botswana, my whole family is very religious, my grand dad is a pastor, ( that’s how religious my family is) but with me i do not understand why is it that different religions exist in the world and why are we all fighting to decide which religion is better than another.. Because frankly it couldn’t matter even a little bit. I believe there is god and i believe in life after death and i believe in all the prophets who ever lived( all the prophets of all the religions, Abrahamic religions that is) and it hurts me so bad to see humans divide because they want to fight on who the better religion is and whose god is better than the others( bear in mind that i think there is only one god). Now lately since i became old enough to understand anything about myself and about the world i have been learning about Islam and about Judaism and i am still on my journey to learning more because all these religions( Judaism, Christianity and Islam) are connected.. It has been freaking my mum out a little because she thought i want to convert or something but i am truly ust learning for the sake of understanding the world and spirituality much better.. 🙂

Drop me a line and share your views..


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