Day 6.. Write 30 Interesting Facts About Your Self

Day 6.. 30 interesting facts about me.. I’m not sure i can muster this because i am a very boring person i think.. :-), i dont even think  i can find 10 things interesting about me but i will give it a shot..

I am a write, lol but you already knew that

1. I am writing a novel
2. I am super emotional (my emotions go from 0 to 100 within seconds)
3. I am a good dancer
4. I love all music( even if i cant understand the language)
5. I speak 3 languages, Setswana ( Botswana language), English and French
6. I am currently learning Spanish and can understand bits and pieces of Arabic
7. I am allergic eggs
8. I super love the people that i care about
9. I believe i’m like a pigeon( i mate with 1 mate for life)
10. I sleep commando
11. I am studying multimedia
12. I am very afraid of the dark, to the point where i cant sleep with the light off
13. I am very adventurous and would like to go sky jumping and bungee jumping one day
14. My brother is 13 years older than me and my sister is 7 years older than me
15. I do not trust people easily
16. I read a lot of books.. i hate ebooks, i love the smell of a new book 🙂
17. I hate noodles
18. I’m addicted to buying shoes
19. I sometimes fantasize that i’m a kick ass female heroine who kills all the pedophiles, rapists, and all men who cause women any harm.
20. I live in Malaysia but I am from Botswana
21. I have a major sweet tooth.. I love chocolates, candy cane, huge lollipops, cakes, cupcakes,strawberries and mash mellows dipped in chocolates ( well anything dipped in chocolate.. 😀
22. I love trying new food ( as long as it doesn’t have eggs)
23. I love yoga and Pilates
24. I love sad romance movies and comedies
25. I love the series “Whitney, Big bang theory, Up all night”
26. I love kissing, and hugging.. if i could i would kiss and hug all day long.. 😀
27. Sometimes i wish i was born in a small and deserted island far away from the cities and everything busy
28. I have a cat names Ginger and a puppy called Gygy
29. I want to get a tattoo on my foot or on my hip
30. I can read minds
lol, the last one is just something awesome i wish i could do

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