Day 10: Discuss your first love and first kiss

Hi everyone.. before i get to Day 10, i would like to apologies for not posting yesterday on Day 9, i had a really hectic day but i would like to post both day 9 and 10 today in one post! 😀

So Let me start with Day 9..Something that you are proud of..

I Have so many things that i am proud of, so i will just list some of them..

  • I am proud of myself for surviving college and getting ready to graduate.
  • I am proud of the fact that i got over my fear of people and social anxiety.
  • I am proud of having my blog( i actually was very nervous because i thought no one would ever be interested to read it)
  • I am proud of the fact that i am comfortable in my own skin( comfortable enough anyone on most days) because most girls my age are still struggling with this.
  • I am proud of my poetry ( even though some might not like it i love my poetry)

Now Lets get to the interesting part.. Day 10, my first love and first kiss..

hhhmmm.. Well my first love Is this Egyptian guy i met when i was 19( he is also my first boyfriend).. We met in college, my first few months in college and it was an instant connection( on his side only though,lol, joking).. We met one night around the apartment blocks that i was living in and we started hanging out the very same day we met for hours as if we had known each other for ages and the day after that, and the day after that and we were in love with in 2 weeks of our meeting… and we had a world wing relationship which was super hot and sizzling from the very beginning.. And after 4 years we are still together.. 🙂 and still very much in love.. everyday i fall in love with him more.. 😀

And my first kiss, I was 19 and was also with my first love( who is also my firs boyfriend).. It happened kind of unexpectedly..We were hanging out in his bedroom, watching a movie and he went outside for a little while, came back into the bedroom and just slowly moved close to me, took my cheeks in both his, looked me in the eyes, and didn’t say a word,( for those few seconds which seemed like hours, there was no sound except the sound of our hearts beating in synch, i could feel the electricity flowing through our body, butterflies were flying around in my tummy, my heart was literally beating out of my chest, then he leaned in slowly, and before i knew it our lips were connected and we kissed for what seemed like an eternity( lol which was actually just a few seconds) and it was the most amazing, electrifying moment of my life.. 😀


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