Day 11: Put your iPod on shuffle and write 10 songs that pop up.

And today is Day 11, so i am supposed to put my ipod on shuffle and write the 10 songs that pop up.. Well this one is easy, so im going to get right to it.. 😀

So lets see whats in my blinged out ipod.. 😀


1. Mika- Relax( take it easy)

2. Kevin Little- Dancing like making love

3. Beyonce- End of time

4. D-boyz feat Lil John- Move, shake and drop

5. The dream feat Fabulous- Shawty is a 10

6. Mario- How could you

7. Whitney Houston feat Akon- Like i never left

8. Alexandra Stan- Mr. Saxobeat

9.  Brick and Lace- Dont stop

10. Bruno Mars- It will rain

As you can all notice i have the wildest and most definitely different variety of music..And that is because i listen to all types of music, i like old school like Dean Martin, to arabic music, to dancehall, to RnB, to HipHop, to Classical, to latin everything i think.. Most of the time i don’t even understand the language but i will enjoy it, sometimes i even sing along i learn the words and dont even know what they do share your all time favorite song with me.. 😀


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