Day 14: Your earliest memory

Day 14: Your earliest memory

My earliest memory is when i was around 3 or 4 years old and i was at pre-school, even back then i was a loner and i loved reading, even if i didn’t understand the book i used to just love looking at them.. I was never really good with the sharing as well, always super jealous if anyone tried to be close to my mum ( I’m afraid that jealousy has grown with years and now I’m super protective and jealous over my friends, my boyfriend, my mum and anyone else i love).. I guess I’m a bit clingy with people i love, i love kissing and hugging and being close to the person i am with and the person i care about( i have always been like this even from that age). I always followed my mum’s rule of “Never talk to strangers” to the point where one time i was meeting my grandma from my dad’s side for the first time and she tried to touch me and i went ballistic and screamed and cried so much that she had to move far away from me!!lol..

This is a picture of me during pre-school graduation with my mum.. 😀


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