Day 16: Your views on mainstream music.

And days 16 is all about mainstream music, or should i clarify, my views on it.

First i thought i should explain what mainstream music is..

Mainstream refers to mainly music that is on the charts, or popular…stuff that a lot of people have heard or at least know of. You could buy it almost anyplace that sells music. Underground refers to music that is lesser known, usually by more independent, or new artists who don’t get very much media attention. You wouldn’t find underground music in places like Wal-Mart, etc

Alright, so personally i have no problem with either mainstream or underground music. I listen to anything, as long as i like it and it suits my mood of the day. I listen to everything from classical mucis, to pop, to RnB, to hip hop, to soul,to the blues, to rock, to European house, to african house. I really am an open source when it comes to music.. Sometimes i even listen to music which is in languages i dont even understand and ill still love it and sing along to it.. 😀

Right now i am loving Robin Thicke’s music, i love all his album they are just amazing.. 🙂

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