Crazy News Of The Week…

Serial old women molester on the prowl
A man in a small town in Malaysia is molesting old women late in the evening or early mornings. The said “old women molester” lies in wait for an old woman to pass during said hours then comes from behind them and holds them in a tight embrace they can not escape from for a long while after which he kisses them and gets back on his motorcycle and drives away. This man has done this to over 5 elderly women so far. Prospective victims are advices to keep safe by not walking alone and always being aware of their surroundings.
I don’t know whether to laugh or feel sorry for these women, but I guess I’m feeling both right now. I mean I think at some point this will escalate from hugs and cheek kisses to something more serious like rape or fondling. That said I have to wonder…. WHAT kind of SICK PSYCHOPATHIC BASTARD gets his jollies from harassing old women?!!

The world is becoming a sad, weird place…

Animal Protection In Malaysia..

Over the last 4 years that i have been a student in Malaysia i have been witness to a wide variety of animal abuse here. And don’t  get me wrong, i’m not saying this is the only country where animals are abused, but it is one of the countries which do not necessarily have strong laws against such acts of abuses and the little laws that do exist are rarely ever enforced.

*Disclaimer: The videos in the links might be hard to watch..

2 weeks ago a horrifying video of 2 Somali students throwing a small helpless puppy into a manhole surfaced and caused an up raw among the students and all people living amongst these monsters. To see the video you can go to the link below..

The Somalian student was entrusted by his friend to care for his puppy during his absence as he went on vacation to his home country(Jordan), the guy trusted with taking care of the puppy threw it into a manhole with the help of another perpetrator while a third man recorded it on his phone as they laughed,joked and enjoyed the themselves while torturing it..Having left Malaysia in June for a month-long holiday, Mostafa entrusted his Somalian friend Mohamad Hasan to care for Kanilla in his absence.

The story was reported as it shows below on a single small space in a newspaper:

“On Mostafa’s return, Mohamad told the former that Kanilla had gone missing,” said Shenaaz.
However, Shenaaz said that another friend of Mostafa had downloaded a video showing Mohamad and another Somalian, Ahmad Subair Addirahman Mohamoud, throwing the docile mutt into a manhole. The duo are said to be students at the Malaysian Multimedia University (MMU).
Shenaaz said that Mostafa had lodged a police report on the matter at the Cyberjaya police station three days ago. She urged the authorities to take action against the Somalians and claimed the duo had threatened Mostafa for making the report.
“The duo threatened Mostafa for putting the picture clippings of their heinous act on Facebook,” she alleged.‘Take immediate action’
FMT checked the video which runs for 1 minute 50 seconds, showing Subair holding the puppy while Mohamad hurled profanities before throwing the dog.
An unknown cameraman told the duo, “Okay, hurry up. Just do it and then we run like nothing happened.”
Later, Mohamad faced the camera and said, “F… this dog. This b…. is dead.”
The duo then threw Kanilla into the manhole and ran away while laughing.
The duo’s act drew ire from Facebook’s users, with many calling for the police to take immediate action against the Somalians.

Now the boys have effectively disappeared, dis-activating their facebook accounts and also moving out from the apartments they used to live in in the Cyberjaya area.This story hurt me dearly, i hate it when i see poor helpless creatures being hurt by us humans just because we are somewhat stronger and they are at our mercy. Of course as with all situations we as humans always have to lose perspective and start making the issue what it isnt, people started bringing up the race card( saying its because they are black, calling them f’ing n****), and then they brought up the religion card( saying these guys are brutal because they are muslims, which has nothing to do with the situation what-so ever)

Now the one bad thing is that the authorities where told here in Malaysia but nothing was done, which isn’t really much of a surprise, nothing is ever done here. It is the same situation as the video where a Chinese man was abusing a small cute poodle because he wanted it to stand on its hind legs and when it wouldnt he slapped it around( ridiculous i know :-/ )

It is not only house pets being abused, also animals in zoos, just as there was a story where a tiger was starved and abused for months just so that it can be dormant and lifeless for people to take pictures with them. I just wish laws in this country could be modified and changed to actually protect animals, not just to “pretend to protect the animals..

I ranted a bit i know.. but i just had to let it out.. 🙂 I mean look at this face, who would ever want to hurt it.. ?? :-/

Day 30: Your highs and lows of this month

SO today is the last day of getting to know me a little better.. I hope you guys have enjoyed reading and knowing me a tad bit more.

My lows of this month have been the rejection letters i have been getting from different companies that i am trying to do do my internship at.. It has been very hard and has kind of shown me what lies ahead after graduation, Endless pool of rejection from companies until you get that one job after so long.. 😦

My high this month was finding the trilogy of “fifty shades of grey”!! never did i know that i will be so captivated by the story line, the pure lust and passion from Christian to Anastasia, never did i know it will ruin all other books for me, i read all the 3 books in a matter of 3 days.. 😀

Day 29: Goals for the next 30 days

Wooww!! lets see i dont think i have thought about this one much but i will try to say as much as i can..

My goals for the next 30 days are to carry off an event which i have been planning for a while now with out a hitch, i have been having a few setbacks with it over and over again, but i just want to believe it will happen.

My next goal is to study hard and pass my finals because this is my one final chance to get this done for me to graduate next year.

And my final goal is to find a place to do my internship(industrial training if you may). i have been having a hard time with this one but hopefully with all the rejections that im getting i will get that one acceptance.. 🙂

Day 27: A problem that you have

Lets see, today we discuss my problem..

I don’t think i have any major problem right now, but the one thing that’s troubling me is what will happen after my graduation with my relationship.. I have been in a relationship for 4 years, literally my whole college life, and it was my first ever relationship and when i graduate(i currently study in Malaysia) i will be going back to my home country(Botswana) and my boyfriend will still have a year left and then he will go to his home country(Egypt). And the though of us not being together anymore is driving me almost to the brink of no return..I just have so many questions, will we stay together, will we date long distance, will we get married and make little cute babies in the future??!! i just dont know.. And the thought of losing him or of him not being in my life anymore makes me literally feel a piece of my heart breaking..

Day 26: What kind of person attracts you?

Day 26: What kind of person attracts you?

So i have to confess that i am a hopeless romantic and my dream man would have to be a knight in shinning amour who will sweep me off my feet and love me for eternity hopelessly and ridiculously!! 😀

But even though my knight has a knack for saving damsels in distress, he is somewhat of a black knight. He is rough, scared and even has a bit of a dark soul on the inside, but shiny, good hearted and loves one women for his entire life.. lol..

Alright the kind of person who attracts me has to be kind and caring, love his family especially his mother. Drop dead gorgeous( to my eyes anyway :-D). Protective and somewhat jealous( because it makes me feel loved and cherished) I know most people would rather have someone who is not a jealous person, but i need a jealous person as i am also very jealous.

I need a man who would love and crave to take care of me and who would want to give me the world as i would love to give him the world as well.. I have to be honest and say i also do not want someone who comes off as “too perfect”( this is the truth about all women) because i know i am very flawed as well.. I want some one who is generous and open minded, as well as not threatened by my sense of opinions..

But really in the end i just want someone who will love me for me and forever as i would do the same as well.. 🙂