Day 26: What kind of person attracts you?

Day 26: What kind of person attracts you?

So i have to confess that i am a hopeless romantic and my dream man would have to be a knight in shinning amour who will sweep me off my feet and love me for eternity hopelessly and ridiculously!! 😀

But even though my knight has a knack for saving damsels in distress, he is somewhat of a black knight. He is rough, scared and even has a bit of a dark soul on the inside, but shiny, good hearted and loves one women for his entire life.. lol..

Alright the kind of person who attracts me has to be kind and caring, love his family especially his mother. Drop dead gorgeous( to my eyes anyway :-D). Protective and somewhat jealous( because it makes me feel loved and cherished) I know most people would rather have someone who is not a jealous person, but i need a jealous person as i am also very jealous.

I need a man who would love and crave to take care of me and who would want to give me the world as i would love to give him the world as well.. I have to be honest and say i also do not want someone who comes off as “too perfect”( this is the truth about all women) because i know i am very flawed as well.. I want some one who is generous and open minded, as well as not threatened by my sense of opinions..

But really in the end i just want someone who will love me for me and forever as i would do the same as well.. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Day 26: What kind of person attracts you?”

  1. Well, the kind of man who attracts me, he must be like the books I read, the man of my dream he must be like Mr. Rochester (in Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre), or a kind of Captain Wentworth (in Jane Austen’s Persuasion)… I wanna marry a man, like in the English Literature. But it’s very hard to find this one nowadays.

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