Day 27: A problem that you have

Lets see, today we discuss my problem..

I don’t think i have any major problem right now, but the one thing that’s troubling me is what will happen after my graduation with my relationship.. I have been in a relationship for 4 years, literally my whole college life, and it was my first ever relationship and when i graduate(i currently study in Malaysia) i will be going back to my home country(Botswana) and my boyfriend will still have a year left and then he will go to his home country(Egypt). And the though of us not being together anymore is driving me almost to the brink of no return..I just have so many questions, will we stay together, will we date long distance, will we get married and make little cute babies in the future??!! i just dont know.. And the thought of losing him or of him not being in my life anymore makes me literally feel a piece of my heart breaking..


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