Crazy News Of The Week…

Serial old women molester on the prowl
A man in a small town in Malaysia is molesting old women late in the evening or early mornings. The said “old women molester” lies in wait for an old woman to pass during said hours then comes from behind them and holds them in a tight embrace they can not escape from for a long while after which he kisses them and gets back on his motorcycle and drives away. This man has done this to over 5 elderly women so far. Prospective victims are advices to keep safe by not walking alone and always being aware of their surroundings.
I don’t know whether to laugh or feel sorry for these women, but I guess I’m feeling both right now. I mean I think at some point this will escalate from hugs and cheek kisses to something more serious like rape or fondling. That said I have to wonder…. WHAT kind of SICK PSYCHOPATHIC BASTARD gets his jollies from harassing old women?!!

The world is becoming a sad, weird place…


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