Do You Believe In Soul Mates?

Today’s post is short and to the point.. 😀

Do you believe in soul mates?
That there is one special person out there that you are destined to meet and fall hopelessly and shamelessly in love with?
That there is one human being out there in this big world that fate has kept for you and for you alone?
The thing is i am a hopeless romantic, I believe in one time love, a kind of love that drags you by the heart towards that person that you just cant be away from..
The kind of love that lasts a life time even if the other person dies..
I believe one can not love more than 1 person and that when one finds this love their life suddenly makes sense..
The kind of love that. rocks the very world that you live in..
The kind of love that’s filled with passionate embraces, lustful glances, stolen kisses out of this world earth shattering love making..
The kind of love that binds two souls together in a fevered dance of the heart..
So my question to you is.. Do you believe in soul mates?
Because I do and I have found mine.. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Do You Believe In Soul Mates?”

  1. As always, I think your writing is a beautiful extension of a wonderful soul.. I’m happy your soul has found its mate. Here is what your post inspired me to write after reading it.

    Thursday thoughts on Love: For obvious reasons, I believe wholeheartedly in the idea of soulmates. That being said, I also think we have allowed our ideology on love and happiness to become too restrictive. Instead of understanding that love is infinitely abundant and all around us, we hitch our happiness to the concept of finding the one. As I stated in the beginning, I believe in the idea of having a single soulmate, but I don’t think a soulmate alone is enough to satisfy our capacity for love. As humans, I think we also need to embrace the other aspects of love; friendship, family, purpose, hope, children, nature, humanity, God, and an infinite list of other areas. I have a soulmate, but each of you also play an integral part in my human love equation. I love you and you contribute to my fullness and my happiness. I say all of this to say one simple thing, don’t miss out on love because you’re too busy searching for love.. ~. Sean King

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