Oh To Be Free..


Have you ever felt like you were born in the wrong place, the wrong era, the wrong time?!? Like the people around you, the people in the space that you exist in just do not understand the workings of your brain, your heart your soul, your every being?

Like you are just not living the life that you should? Like there is a greater purpose and you are just wasting your time with the current life that you are living?

Maybe like, dare I say, you just don’t belong? Cliche I know but I have no other way to put it..

Like you are living for everyone else but yourself, living a lie, day in and day out pretending to be someone that you aren’t just to please the people around you, to make them happy, content, comfortable with the you that you are parading around. Just so they would not feel weary, uncomfortable with the real you. The weird you. The you that you hide from the rest of the world?!

Like anything that you say just sounds wrong, your ideas about the world, people, life are not acceptable?! Even though in your hearts of hearts they feel so damn right?!

Sometimes I feel like i’m losing my mind. Going absolutely bonkers. Just because I feel so trapped, like a tiger in a cage, just waiting for the chance to finally break free and go wild, be me…

But then, then you meet that one person, or you see them on TV, or online, or hear that one song, that just gets you you know? That just describes you to a T.. And then you don’t feel so alone anymore..

Like there could be hope, somewhere, out there in this vast, great, big earth, that you will finally be home.. Finally find your people. Finally live, and not just exist, taking everyday as it comes?… For me that person, that song, that moment was when I discovered Lana Del Rey. And my all time favorite song of hers is  Ride.

I cant wait for that day when i’m finally free of all these flippin, ooh hell we are all adults here, fucking shackles.. And I can freely from the society, from the expectations..free to be me… 🙂

*sigh* I know I must sound like a blabbering idiot, but I just wanted to let out my feelings in an environment that I know I won’t be too harshly judged for my craziness and all around oddness..

7 thoughts on “Oh To Be Free..”

  1. I’ve told you this before – I think, but you are a beautiful woman with a soul that connects and touches other souls. I feel you sister – all the way in America, and have many other friends that I know feel you as well; I know because we’ve had these discussions. I say all of that to say, keep writing, keep pouring your heart out, keep opening eyes and reaching hearts. You are appreciated. Thank you…

  2. On a side note: I blog to become more connected with people all over the world. To grow and to become less ignorant as a human being. To increase my understanding of the struggles and success of others, while working to do what I can to put as much good energy into the world as I can…. I say all of that to say the invitation is always for you to connect not just as a writer but as a friend…. Reach out anytime… anubis1911@gmail.com or http://www.facebook.com/anpu1911... Peace and blessings sis…

    1. That is the exact reason that I started blogging, to connect with like minded people, and also to learn more about the human race as it is.. Thank you and will do. 🙂

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