To the boy who wolf whistled at me…

The World Through My Eyes

Dear Boy who wolf whistled at me,

I take into consideration that you may have thought this was a way of vocalizing how you felt about the way I look, however I would like you to take into consideration me, as a person, not just my appearance.

Today I was dressed up for an interview, I felt confident about myself and the way that I looked. I enjoy dressing up every once in a while! What girl doesn’t? I had my hair straightened, make-up on, and I was ready to go! I am not the most confident person. So “boy,” when you whistled at me, it caught me off guard.

I was on my way back from dinner. I was heading back to my apartment to grab my books and everything for my night class. I was not asking for you to whistle at me. I was not wanting any…

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