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Journey Across the Silk Road.. Part 3..

Day 3: Destination Xian to Tianshu


img_20160622_162153Day 3 was for sure the day that I felt more like a foreigner than any other days during the whole trip. Tianshui City was once the first stop that the Silk Road made upon entering the Gansu Province. Situated in the southeastern region of Gansu, it lies halfway between Lanzhou and Xian, and along the upper branch of the Weihe River, where Shaanxi, Gansu and Sichuan provinces converge.

We went to the Fuxi Temple, now let me give you aimg_20160622_151150 little bit of history about the temple. Fu Xi Temple was originally built to commemorate Fu Xi, a legendary ruler of great antiquity. It is said that Fu Xi was born in Tianshui. Fu Xi Temple was built in 1490 of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and rebuilt in 1524 of Qing Dynasty (1616-1911). The temple has three rows of buildings, with the front gate facing south.

myxj_20160623071029_saveFrom south to north are the memorial archways, temples, the terrace, stele pavilion, the main hall and the ancient cypresses in the 3,700 mu (1 mu equals 0.0667 hectare) of the temple yard. The construction of the temple is of typical Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) style with symmetric structures, formed and precise layout, and marvelous carved beams and painted rafters.

The Hall of the Deceased King built on the open terrace in the central yard is the main building in Fu Xi Temple. With double eaves and corbel brackets (set of brackets between crossbeams and columns, each set consisting of tiers of outstretching arms called gong, cushioned with trapezoidal blocks called dou), colored glaze pantiles and the ornamental design of dragon mouth, the whole building looks very primitive but elegant.

img_20160622_162744The moment we arrived at the temple we were given a task to take the funniest picture we could take as a competition of the day. Whenever I go to a small town in China I always end up being the tourist attraction of the day, resulting in me taking countless picturesmmexport1467276339466 with Chinese people, so I decided that since I was already attracting so much attention from the locals in Tianshu, I wanted to see how much more attention I could generate just from standing there. So I found a high stoop in the Temple and just stood there to see if people will come forth to try and take pictures with me.



Needless to say that the experiment went further than we expected, within a few minutes we had people lining up like a concert to take pictures. One after the other they posed withmmexport1467276550997 me, each one wanting a picture. The moment we decided we were done they kept following us throughout the temple wanting more pictures. It was controlled chaos for the next 2hours while we were in the temple grounds. The plan completely backfired on us and we ended up having to leave sooner than we wanted to because we caused way too much commotion.

I would say if you wanna see how friendly local Tianshu people are and how beautiful the temples and historical places are definitely book your ticket today..


Day 6.. Write 30 Interesting Facts About Your Self

Day 6.. 30 interesting facts about me.. I’m not sure i can muster this because i am a very boring person i think.. :-), i dont even think  i can find 10 things interesting about me but i will give it a shot..

I am a write, lol but you already knew that

1. I am writing a novel
2. I am super emotional (my emotions go from 0 to 100 within seconds)
3. I am a good dancer
4. I love all music( even if i cant understand the language)
5. I speak 3 languages, Setswana ( Botswana language), English and French
6. I am currently learning Spanish and can understand bits and pieces of Arabic
7. I am allergic eggs
8. I super love the people that i care about
9. I believe i’m like a pigeon( i mate with 1 mate for life)
10. I sleep commando
11. I am studying multimedia
12. I am very afraid of the dark, to the point where i cant sleep with the light off
13. I am very adventurous and would like to go sky jumping and bungee jumping one day
14. My brother is 13 years older than me and my sister is 7 years older than me
15. I do not trust people easily
16. I read a lot of books.. i hate ebooks, i love the smell of a new book 🙂
17. I hate noodles
18. I’m addicted to buying shoes
19. I sometimes fantasize that i’m a kick ass female heroine who kills all the pedophiles, rapists, and all men who cause women any harm.
20. I live in Malaysia but I am from Botswana
21. I have a major sweet tooth.. I love chocolates, candy cane, huge lollipops, cakes, cupcakes,strawberries and mash mellows dipped in chocolates ( well anything dipped in chocolate.. 😀
22. I love trying new food ( as long as it doesn’t have eggs)
23. I love yoga and Pilates
24. I love sad romance movies and comedies
25. I love the series “Whitney, Big bang theory, Up all night”
26. I love kissing, and hugging.. if i could i would kiss and hug all day long.. 😀
27. Sometimes i wish i was born in a small and deserted island far away from the cities and everything busy
28. I have a cat names Ginger and a puppy called Gygy
29. I want to get a tattoo on my foot or on my hip
30. I can read minds
lol, the last one is just something awesome i wish i could do