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Day 21: One of your favorite shows

OOh my how can i even name them.. i have soo many favorite shows.. 😀

I will just name a few of my all time favorite shows which are

1. Friends and scrubs.. they are the most amazing and funniest shows ever made

2. 24.. i just found this show but its amazing.. Jack Buer is like a superhero, i was hooked from the very first season, so i downloaded all the 8 seasons and i am watching them all.. 🙂

3. Whitney.. Because it is soo freaken funny and sarcastic.. 😀

4. Happy Endings… It is a bit like friends but just funny in its own way.. 😀

5.. True blood.. its just vicious and amazing.. i love it..

6..Gary unmarried, i dont really understand why they stopped this show because it’s pretty hilarious!! 😀

7. The IT Crowd.. It is soo hilarious as well.. i love it.. but again they stopped it.. 🙂

Lol i know it specifies only 1 but i just couldnt choose.. 😀