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Common Prostitute Or Business Woman?!

I dont know what to say but just read for yourself.. One woman is selling snuggles to all men. She says “No nudity, no sex, just cuddles”… can you believe it? would you pay $60.00 for a snuggle from a stranger?

It used to be that a hug was a comforting gesture of companionship between friends or lovers but one woman in Penfield, NY has turned cuddling into a business.

Sessions of up to 90 minutes take place in a private room while friends and family members mill around the house offering protection from any over-enthusiastic clients.

For customers interested in Jackie’s services, most of whom are men, she admits, a series of FAQs provides information about what clothing to wear and what kind of behaviour is appropriate.

Sexual arousal, reads the website, ‘is perfectly normal and should not make anyone feel uncomfortable,’ but acting on those impulses is forbidden. ‘This is not about sex, and I’m really straightforward about that,’ she insisted during an interview with 13WHAM, adding with a child-like lisp: ‘I always liked to snuggle, it seemed pretty simple to me.’

An advocate of the notion that ‘touch’ is a healing activity of which most Americans are deprived, Ms Samuel believes that just a few minutes of cuddling can relieve stress and aggravation for up to five days.

‘Research provides us with ample evidence that physical contact with others has a positive effect on our physical and mental health,’ she writes on her website.

To read more about this you can check out her website: the snuggery

Some people have said she is just a common prostitute because she is selling her body but she swears it is not like that at all.. I feel it is worse because a snuggle is just much more intimate, but then again that’s just my opinion.. What do you think?